“We all know that COVID-19 has changed the world, but economic globalization, the increasing international competitiveness, outsourcing of operations, generational shifts in the workplace, and the rate of technological change had already changed the world of work. COVID-19 just accelerated one of the greatest workplace transformations of our lifetime,” says Ambassador Julia Chang Bloch, President at the US-China Education Trust, and a keynote speaker at AmCham China’s upcoming 21st Annual HR Conference.

“To keep pace with the fast changing world of work, corporations and governments will have to address what the pandemic unleashed. The shift to working remotely from home is for the long-term.  Not only where we work, but also how we work, shop, study, and communicate will be changed forever. Nothing will be quite the same. And I see HR’s role becoming even more important to business success, as redefining, growing and attracting talents, particularly among the younger generations, will be more challenging and essential,” adds Chang Bloch, who will kick off Friday's Conference in Beijing with virtual remarks delivered from her home in the US, with the topic of “HR at Crossroads: Transforming and Attracting Talents in a World Changed by COVID-19.

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Ambassador Chang Bloch is the first Asian American to hold such rank in US history. She has had an extensive career in international affairs and government service, beginning in 1964 as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Sabah, Malaysia and culminating as US Ambassador to the Kingdom of Nepal in 1989. She has since had a long career in both government and the corporate sector.

She continues: “Businesses working in China will face even tougher challenges because you not only will have to deal with the challenging and irreversible changes in the workplace, but also with the intractable changes and uncertainty resulting from escalating tensions between the US and China. Also, international human resources management is more complicated than its domestic counterpart, as international business is subject to so many more external factors that are beyond its control. The key question is how US companies can operate successfully in China in the midst of the downturn in US-China relations?

Join us on October 16 at the YiCheng Fortune Center at Beijing Etown tech park, to hear the Ambassador's answers to that, and other, pertinent questions, alongside a star line-up of speakers for AmCham China’s 21st Annual HR Conference, “An HR Conversation for All of Us: Learn to Become Resilient Together”.