Chief Medical Officer, United Family Hospital


I am the CMO of United Family Hospital in Tianjin China.My first employment in China was under the United Nations with the World Health Organization to launch various health measures in China 30 years ago. Those two projects successfully launched nationwide(and are still in use today)and my family and I have had close ties to China ever since.

My primary goal for the past three decades is to foster better healthcare using large macroeconomic and public health principles. This was the primary reason that my collaborations between China and the US have been successful. Making the case for change must be compelling for nations and individuals.value has to be clearly defined, measured, and demonstrated to achieve enduring acceptance.

Developing a culture of personalized healthcare for the general China market is my current focus at United Family Hospital. As we provide exceptional services, our medical culture of "patient centered care"can be demonstrated to the China population and its leaders.

The growth of China in the past 30 years has been amazing and dramatic. I believe the American Chamber has a vital role to also provide a model of transparency, communication, and good will to the nation of China. This relationship is mutual and reciprocal and based on trust and respect. We as well have much to learn from our Chinese colleagues.

My goal if elected to the American Chamber Board is to bridge and foster collaborations in business and education with our Am Chamber members and the people and government of China. We live in an interdependent world and Am Chamber should be a model of what that model of cooperation and collaboration can and should be.