Campaign Statement

I am Alain Crozier, and I am running for election to AmCham’s 2020 Board of Governors. I would be honored to receive your vote in this important position guiding the organization and contributing to its success.

We are at a critical moment in the US-China relationship, with both risks and opportunities on the table. As CEO of Microsoft’s global sales, marketing and operations in subsidiaries spanning mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong for more than three years, I have personally experienced and navigated the challenges that many American companies face when balancing interests and equities in these different markets.

At Microsoft, we have changed and are continuously evolving our business model as well as transforming our culture to better address the market and seize these opportunities.

I have had the opportunity to lead this change and to work with senior government leaders, and leaders of Chinese enterprises, startups and NGOs in cities and provinces across mainland China, discovering the widely diverse interests in these places and marshalling the resources and influence to help successfully address them through digital transformation.

I am enthusiastic about the work of continuous transformation and about sharing what we’re learning with other companies coming to China, and with those seeking to change their approach in China, to achieve new growth and contributing differently.

My personal inclination, and professional focus, is on building partnerships, even among unlikely allies, to achieve success for every stakeholder, and especially for our customers. Partnership has long been a hallmark of Microsoft’s business approach, and I have worked for Microsoft for more than 25 years in many geographies.

Indeed, Microsoft has long served as cultural and innovation bridge between China and the US through industry and academic collaboration and exchanges. We opened our first office in Beijing in 1992 and our largest research and development operations outside the US are here in China today. I am proud to be the current steward of this legacy and have a strong sense of responsibility to both honor and extend that legacy long into the future.

I see my role as a key advocate for China to our corporate headquarters, constantly seeking investment and flexibility to keep things moving, even in the face of challenges such as IP infringement and uncertainty around regulation and trade. I pushed hard for the accelerated deployment of our comprehensive, trustworthy cloud platform and services in China, in part, to better support US companies in a more strategic way. I am proud to say we can do this today, and I believe the insight gained from this complex effort would be valuable to the Board.

Participation in AmCham’s mission to help American companies succeed in China through advocacy, information, networking, and business support services is one way that I believe I can further extend our legacy, both for Microsoft and for the broader American business community.

Microsoft has participated in AmCham activities for many years, including contributing to the Annual Policy Whitepaper, this year around AI and Ethics, and I am especially proud to have sponsored Microsoft’s participation in the Digital Circle program for the past two years. I was honored to personally present a keynote at this years’ Tech Summit aimed at helping American companies transform their businesses in China with global technologies operated in a trusted and compliant way in this market.  

I hope to grow my participation in AmCham activities if elected, especially around government engagement with both Chinese and American policymakers. I would like to be a strong voice for the American business community, advocating for policies in China that are consistent with global norms in the areas of intellectual property, personal information protection, cybersecurity and cross-border data flows, among others.

I will work tirelessly on behalf of our shared interests as a trusted partner and would be grateful to have your support.


Alain Crozier is a technology industry leader who is passionate about helping organizations use technology and innovation to unlock growth and achieve their digital transformation ambitions.

As Corporate Vice President, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Greater China Region (GCR), Alain is responsible for strategic leadership of sales, marketing, services and operations across the three subsidiaries that make up one of Microsoft’s most dynamic and innovative growth regions.

In a world where computing is everywhere, every interaction is becoming digital, and every company is becoming a software company, Alain prioritizes leadership for the moment we are in.

He believes that, in this era of constant and accelerating change, the old models of competitive rivalries no longer deliver growth. No company can go it alone. If organizations want to survive and thrive, they must embrace partnerships at every level. Alain prioritizes leadership in developing creative, innovative partnerships across industries and among individuals, businesses and government that achieve success for all.

Alain believes that successful organizations today must balance executive vision, technology innovation and a cultural of constant reinvention. He is passionate about helping customers, partners in Greater China define their digital transformation goals, evolve their culture, and embrace tech intensity by adapting the latest technologies. He advocates for continuously refreshing technical knowledge and skills among customers and partners to drive innovation and competitiveness for their organizations, as it has done for Microsoft.

As the chief executive of Microsoft GCR, Alain serves as head coach, modeling and championing a culture grounded in constant learning and growth, where everyone is empowered to take risks, to speak and be heard, and where everyone can pursue their passion in an open and respectful environment.

Alain has been with Microsoft for more than 25 years, where he has had the opportunity to lead teams on four different continents. He has served as President of Microsoft France, CFO of the France subsidiary, Regional Controller for the Americas and South Pacific region, and Worldwide Sales Marketing and Services Group Controller before taking on the global role of Corporate Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Microsoft’s Sales Marketing and Services Group.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Alain held a variety of Finance management positions in Paris at Lesieur Alimentaire (Gruppo Ferruzzi) and was senior consultant at Peat Marwick (KPMG).

Alain graduated from University Claude Bernard with a bachelor's degree in mathematics and social sciences, and from the Institut Superieur de Gestion in Paris with a Business Administration degree.

Alain is married and is the father of twins. To refresh from the toll of his demanding executive responsibilities, Alain enjoys photography, traveling with his family, skiing, soccer and discovering new wines from around the world.