A Vibrant Business Community Steeped in Advocacy, Access, and Corporate Services

As a member organization, AmCham China is driven by the needs of a vibrant and diverse collection of companies seeking success in China’s commercial landscape. As the member segment facing the greatest challenges and barriers in business, our Large Corporate members receive the full extent of AmCham China’s powerful platform through government access and advocacy, business-to-business networking, corporate services, and executive insights.

AmCham China’s Large Corporate members represent some of the world’s largest and most influential companies from a variety of industries, sectors, and verticals, all who seek to collaboratively improve the business environment within which they operate by leveraging the strategic positioning and influence of AmCham China.

Tap into a Rich Platform to Enhance Your Business

Advocacy & Access

  • Access to decision makers in both the Chinese and US governments
  • Access 27+ working groups to lead industry changes
  • Advocate for policy changes and an improved business environment

Influence & Insight

  • Shape policy conversations through regulatory submissions
  • Lead industry changes through dialogues with policy influencers
  • Gain advanced insights on the regulations impacting your business


  • Build relationships with senior executives
  • Network with members indifferent industries and professions
  • Enter new markets and business channels

Business Development

  • Generate new leads and business relationships with over 4000 members
  • Branding opportunities for your business
  • Expand your promotional channels through events, media platforms, and Member-to-Member program

Business Services

  • Utilize our Business Visa Program to quickly secure US visas
  • Upskill your workforce with our Training courses in sales, tech, innovation, and more
  • Increase your brand exposure through our advertising platform


A Community Built for Success in China’s Everchanging Business Environment