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By Maddalena Di Tommaso

The Vice Mayor of Dalian City, Mr. Lu Lin, together with Mr. Xia Deli (Deputy Director General), Mr. Wei Wei, and Mr. Li Xiang (Foreign Liaison Office II, Deputy Division Chief) met with representatives of AmCham China on March 9 to discuss issues affecting foreign business.

The Chairman of AmCham China, Mr. William Zarit, together with the AmCham China NE Executive Committee Chairman Jon Foley (Dalian Intel), Vice Chair Nathalie Helgason (Raffles Medical), and EC Member Dorman Kwan (PWC) delivered the results of this year’s AmCham China Business Climate Survey Report to a receptive and understanding audience of local government officials.

While the survey results have not been all positive for the NE region over the past few years, Vice Mayor Mr. Lu showed his commitment on behalf of the local government to keep in close contact with foreign companies located in the Northeast through the AmCham China channel, encouraging companies to submit the issues they encounter while conducting business in the area.

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