The American Ball 2017 welcomed the honorable Lords and Ladies to The 8th Kingdom on Saturday, May 13th at the China World Hotel. As guests crossed through the castle gate, there was medieval merriment as far as the eye could see. Many a prince and princess were crowned and sat upon the royal throne for a selfie, while blaggards were thrown in the dungeon where the executioner stood ready with his axe. The Oracle of AmCham shocked many with her astute prophecies or was it her hands staying put while her body disappeared? Jittery nerves were prescribed a tankard of frosty ale and a shot of royal Jim Beam bourbon.

The night was kicked off by William Zarit, who opened with a regent's welcome and introduced the Royal Houses of the evening. Music and dance from the International School of Beijing and the Western Academy of Beijing brought our gentle folk to their feet. Then guests enjoyed the premiere of the film “The 8th Kingdom” – where rage, revenge, and romance prepared the way for Turkey is Coming… soon, a massive roast turkey leg, fit for a King's Ransom was presented to all with royal fanfare. Alan Beebe introduced the charity recipients and thanked the generosity of our sponsors including the NBA, Universal Parks & Resorts, ConocoPhillips, United Family Healthcare and Wilmer Hale.

Amazing live and silent auction items brought the genteel guests to a frenzy, but goodness triumphs again with donations going towards the charities of Educating Girls of Rural China, Love & Hope, Yao Foundation, and United Foundation for China's Health.

Regal crowds jammed the dance floor with DJ Maclarry's pounding beats while late night nibbles and nosh appeared on the scene once again. Fare thee well my Lords and Ladies, until we meet again at the American Ball 2018.