Companies of all sizes join the Tianjin Chapter to leverage the chamber’s critical business resources and grow their operations. Our programs and events are developed by and for business people operating on the ground in Tianjin.

14 December, 2018

The Tianjin Chapter, in partnership with Air Canada, held its 2018 Annual General Meeting & Winter Holiday Party on December 6. Martin Winchell, Chairman of AmCham China, Tianjin summarized the Tianjin Chapter's 2018 milestones...

10 November, 2018
The 2018 Tianjin Environmental CSR Challenge/Conference (TECC] was successfully held this November 9...
19 October, 2018
This month, Tianjin Chapter's Monthly Executive Breakfast Briefing focused on the recently enacted Individual...

Executive Committee

Martin Winchell.JPG
Martin Winchell Chairman
Managing Director, Schneider Logistics (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
Michael Hart.jpg
Michael Hart Vice Chairman
Managing Director, Jones Lang LaSalle (Tianjin)
Sean Filson.jpg
Sean Filson EC Member
Business Development Manager, Taylor Printing Company (Tianjin) Limited
Jon Reed.jpg
Jon Reed EC member
Executive Vice-President, Tianjin Custom Wood Processing Company, Ltd
Alex Scilla.jpg
Alex Scilla EC Member
General Manager, Tianjin Fresh Farm Plus Agricultural Technology Ltd.
Marcus Williams.jpg
Marcus Williams EC Member
Customer Support Director, Boeing Tianjin Composites Co., Ltd.