“For me, coming to AmCham was a challenge. I’m not a talker, especially around strangers; therefore, it was definitely stepping out of my comfort zone working at AmCham China. What came out of this internship was beyond my expectations. I started talking with people I met for the first time easily and comfortably. This is something I am most grateful for.”

– Stella Sun

“Interning at AmCham provides great exposure to different industries.”

– Lan Yao

“AmCham China provides a platform for you to get involved with industry players in a friendly environment. The dynamic nature of the internship allows you to lend a helping hand and get involved with new projects of interest as they emerge. At one annual meeting I was given the responsibility of coordinating a multimedia presentation for the 80+ business leaders in attendance. I was given the resources needed and told to ‘make it happen.’ I absolutely loved it!”

– Tyler Hervey

“I feel that I can talk intelligently about the current trends in most of the industries AmCham touches.”

– Jared Mazzanti