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Industrial and logistics property in China has only recently become a viable, institutional grade, real estate investment asset class. Urbanization is playing a significant role in the emergence of industrial property, and e-commerce is having a similar impact on the logistics sector with more sophisticated supply chains. While modern logistics buildings are investors’ primary targets, industrial assets also provide cash flow and viable exit strategies. End-users are responding to the volatility in real estate markets, the changes in government policies on land and tax, and the macroeconomic climate. Another strategy now being used is the disposing of balance sheet assets and recycling capital back into domestic businesses.

Inspired by these new evolving trends in China, AmCham China hosted The Emerging Trends in Industrial Property Symposium on Wednesday, September 9, with the purpose of encouraging American and Chinese businesses to cooperate in real estate and related industries. The goal of this symposium was to educate attendees on these emerging trends and share views from experts covering the full value chain in industrial property. American real estate and related companies could better understand the emerging trends in industrial property in China, and the symposium will help them identify future business opportunities and challenges in China.

This year’s symposium had several subthemes:

  • how the emerging asset class of industrial property fits into the global capital markets context
  • managing government affairs in the real estate industry
  • the current opportunities and challenges in an emerging China

This half-day symposium featured a panel of industrial experts from E&G Group, JLL, Walmart, Daimler AG, IDIG Brookfield Logistics Properties, GLP, and Goodman.

The agenda included:

Mr. Val Huston, Principal Commercial Officer, US Embassy, Beijing.

Mr. Anthony Couse, Managing Director of JLL East China, sharing his points of view on how the emerging asset class of industrial property fits into the global capital markets context.

Mr. Tyler Crawford, Senior Director of Walmart China introduced trends in supply chain management in China, followed by Q&A session with Moderator Dr. Stephen Fisher, Senior Vice President at E&G Group. The panel discussed Industrial Property – Opportunities and Challenges in today’s China amongst Changes in Economic Conditions and Government Policies, with industry experts from Daimler AG, GLP, JLL, Goodman, Brookfield Logistics Properties and Unified Industrial.

For more details, please visit the event site