Vice President, Global China Practice

Ogilvy & Mather

Running for: Governor

I served AmCham China for almost six years leading the Chamber’s government affairs department and advocacy efforts prior to joining O&M this summer.  During my time with AmCham China, I worked closely and extensively with both China and U.S. governments at all levels, enhancing the interests of over 1,000 member companies and individuals to for win-win business partnerships in the very challenging yet dynamic market in China.  
Over the years, through designing and executing AmCham China’s persistent strategic policy advocacy activities such as the production and government delivery of the White Paper and Business Climate Survey, as well as the numerous events including the Annual Appreciation Dinner, provincial trips, and participation in bilateral and multilateral government-to-government dialogues such as the JCCT and S&ED, AmCham China has not only continued serving as a solid platform and bridge to connect governments and businesses for better communications on pressing issues, but also played an important and trustworthy partner for across the two sides.  I also helped launch the first successful Government Affairs Conference, and the first Go-Abroad Trip hosting over 40 top Chinese executives.
Having returned to the corporate arena, I believe my rich experience and ownership with AmCham China would help broaden the view for the strategic business development for business, and in return making the connections with the Chinese and U.S. governments more meaningful for member companies through the AmCham China platform and its diverse partnerships.  I would like to run for the 2017 Board of Governors.  If I am elected, I will be honored and humbled to continue serving, working and learning together with all of you.  
Many thanks!


Helen Ye joined Ogilvy Public Relations in 2016. She is in charge of the company’s China Outbound Practice, supporting brand building, high level government exchange and training programs for Chinese companies who have established operations or seek investment opportunities outside of China’s borders. 
Prior to joining Ogilvy, Helen served as Vice President of the AmCham China in charge of government affairs from 2015 to 2016.  She was responsible for the Chamber's government affairs-related activities as well as planning and execution for advocacy efforts. Previously, she was AmCham’s Senior Director and Director of Government Affairs. 
From 2008 to 2010, Helen was Communication Manager of AES in charge of government affairs and public affairs in the Greater China region.  
Helen began her government affairs career in Budapest, Hungary, working for Strabag AG as Far East Project Representative, and as Manager of Exports for Ongai Fastener Company. In these positions, she assisted in strategic planning for the Chinese market while promoting trade and investment between China and Hungary.
Helen obtained her MBA from the University of Buffalo in 2003 and her BA in English literature from Beijing Foreign Studies University in 1994.