Campaign Statement

My campaign focus is simple:   

Continue to Voice the Interests and Needs of American companies operating in 2nd and 3rd Tier cities of China.

AmCham China will benefit from an experienced 3rd term Governor who is sensitive to the issues of American companies in 2nd and 3rd tier cities.   Most Board Governors are based in 1st tier cities in China.   Voting for me will further the mission of AmCham to provide support to American businesses in China beyond the reach of the current board.  I am uniquely qualified to provide this support because of my long term residence and work across China.

I believe in AmCham’s ability to support and build up our companies, and as a 3rd term Governor, I will strive to expand the range of this support to include companies in 2nd and 3rd tier cities.    Increased membership from these cities will be the natural result as individuals and corporations realize the benefits we can make available to them:   

  • Simultaneous broadcasting of Events and Seminars
  • Honing online resources and making many available for free 
  • Regional networking with and between existing Chapters
  • Closer engagement between the BOG and Chapters
  • Personal visits to develop local networking
  • As Governor, I am passionate about the implementation phase of the Long-term Strategy developed this past year for AmCham;  it embraces engagement and expanding services to our members 

How does AmCham navigate the most important time in USA-China relations, since early 1990’s?

  • AmCham has the unique and massive responsibility to accurately evaluate, voice, and advocate for US companies during these changing times. 
  • Trade tariffs and broad policy changes are significantly impacting MNC’s, SME’s, and the whole expatriate community; but the impact not uniform across these groups.  It is vital to have a broad understanding from these entities, in order to accurate advocate.  
  • As a Senior Consultant with PRI, I can speak at a level for SME’s.  PRI currently has 28 SME Holdings.   These companies represent breathe and scope of industries and locations – Manufacturing, Automotive, Electronics, Medical devices, Consumer items, Media and Printing, Sourcing.
  • As Governor, I will strive to include this knowledge and awareness at the Board, so our messaging and advocacy is on target

Why am I qualified for a 3rd term Governor of AmCham China? 

I am fluent in Chinese and am comfortable navigating the culture.  For the last 25+ years, I have lived and worked in many manufacturing roles, all within 2nd and 3rd tier cities of China:  

  • Tianjin (23 years):  Plant Startup, GM, Marketing, Domestic/International Sales, Owner, Chairman
  • Qingdao (4 years):  Chief Representative, Setting up Manufacturing JV’s and WFOE’s with USA Technologies
  • USA based (3 years):  China Business Support and development, Technology partners, JV’s, WFOE, M&A’s
  • Pre-China (14 years):  Mechanical Engineer Caterpillar, Inc.,  Peoria

My wife and I raised our four kids in China and we are very aware of the needs and interests of Expats living and doing business in 2nd and 3rd tier cities.

I ask for your support and VOTE for Governor of AmCham China 2020.


Jim Cooper has 25+ years of China business experience.  He serves as Governor of AmCham China.  He’s a Senior Consultant of PRI; promoting US-China trade development, and establishing Manufacturing in 2nd & 3rd tier cities.  He is Chairman of Central Products; with Tianjin manufacturing, domestic & global markets.