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The American Chamber of Commerce in the People’s Republic of China (AmCham China) sits at the front lines of the largest and most important bilateral economic relationship in the world. With frequent access to high-level officials from both the US and Chinese governments, plus the most influential network of senior executives from the business community, the Chamber is currently undergoing an exciting transformation of its own, making sizeable investments in new technologies in a bid to enhance our impact long into the future. Representative of its membership, staff are a vibrant mix of international and local employees, and the Chamber’s unique culture encourages initiative, innovation, and inclusiveness. Join this important organization and help shape the future direction of the global economy!

One of the Member Services team’s key responsibilities is to operate AmCham China’s industry / issue-based Committees – our member-driven working groups that serves as the life blood of the Chamber’s policy and regulatory advocacy (A), business insights sharing (B) and professional community development activities (C).  Many of these A, B and C activities are delivered through our content-rich speaker programs and topic-based seminars, which offer students intimate opportunities to interact with and learn from industry experts and business practitioners first-hand information on U.S.-China trade, market access, policy, regulatory and technology development issues across many different industries.


Member Operation team is also responsible for a set of business development opportunities at AmCham China, including providing exclusive sponsorship products and promotional services for our membership.  These services are provided in collaboration with our Marketing & Communications team, and are critical to the success of our year-around signature programs and print and digital publications.


As the largest hub of member services and engagement, our past interns enjoyed the opportunities working on a variety of programs and services through very close collaboration with both members and other teams within the organization.  In addition to subject matter knowledge, these have became important pathways to develop professional skills including stakeholder management, resource sharing, driving a project from scratch to success, marketing, business development, and others.


The Member Operations team is looking for a fluent Chinese-speaking intern who is also comfortable working in English. We are looking for individuals who can:

  • Conduct market and industry research in order to produce topics and content for our advocacy, industry and community programs, and assist the implementation of events;
  • Provide on-site support for regular and signature programs ranging from small executive breakfast events, to larger 200+ attendee signature events;
  • Develop research report and publications harnessing policy and industry insights from our programs to be published on our website, weekly e-newsletter, and quarterly magazine which is viewed by over 3,000 individuals across over 900-member companies – many of which are amongst the Fortune 500 category and emerging tech start-ups;
  • Perform project management tasks including member segmentation, executive invitation, event marketing promotion, post-event financial tracking, etc.;
  • Support Member Operations staff team on projects as needed.



  1. 能够进行市场和行业研究,为我们提供在政策倡议、行业和社群活动主题和内容上的帮助,并协助活动的具体实施;
  2. 能够为商会从小到高管早餐会晤、大到两百多人出席的年度大型活动提供现场支持;
  3. 能够从我们的网站、每周电子快讯和季刊上发表的研究报告和出版物中汲取政策和行业见解。这些研究报告和出版物的受众超过3000人,覆盖900多家成员公司,其中许多公司属于《财富》500强企业和新兴科技初创企业;
  4. 能够执行项目管理任务,包会员分类、嘉宾邀请、活动营销及财务等;
  5. 能够根据需要为会员运营部的成员提供项目支持。


  • Candidates must be currently enrolled in a university program.
  • Expat candidates must be X1 or X2 visa holders.
  • Interns must commit to a minimum internship period of three months working three days a week (days can be broken into morning/evening to accommodate schedules).


  1. 申请人必须为在校大学生;
  2. 外籍申请人必须持有X1或X2签证;
  3. 实习生必须保证至少三个月的实习时间,每周至少需到岗三天(为适应工作安排,可将实习时间分成早班和午班)。

Application Materials:

  • 1-page cover letter in English detailing candidate’s interest and qualifications for internship with AmCham China, attached in PDF format.
  • 1-page resume in English, in PDF format.
  • Send to email with attachments to internship@amchamchina.org



  1. 1页英文求职信,详细阐述你对该岗位的兴趣及应聘中国美国商会的资格(PDF格式);
  2. 1页英文简历(PDF格式)
  3. 请将所需申请材料发送至 internship@amchamchina.org

In the body of the email, please include the following:

  • Available start and finish dates and preference for full time or part time
  • Current status: location (city/country), citizenship, and visa status with regards to China (i.e. Chinese citizen currently studying abroad, Chinese student, American in Beijing on an X visa).
  • Contact information.


  1. 可以接受的实习开始及结束的时间范围,以及可以保证的每周实习时间;
  2. 现状:所在地(城市/国家)、国籍、中国身份/签证信息(比如:目前在国外留学的中国人,中国学生,持有X签证在京的美国人)
  3. 你的联系方式。

Culture & Benefits

  • Numerous opportunities to expand your network in events with top-level corporate individuals in sectors or industries that intern is interested in.
  • Connect with individuals from around the world through attendance of events and working in a multi-cultural environment.
  • Learn more about American companies’ operations in China.
  • Gain professional experience working in a bilingual, friendly, collaborate office environment.
  • Develop administrative skills and learn how to develop and deliver programming from start to finish.
  • Stay in the loop regarding important current affairs issues such as the latest trade dispute between the US and China.
  • Gain introductory financial skills.
  • Reference letters from team staff for next-step applications.
  • Internship allowance.


  1. 在活动中有大量与行业大咖交流、在你感兴趣的领域和行业扩大人脉的机会;
  2. 通过参加活动和在多元文化的环境中工作,与来自世界各地的人建立联系;
  3. 了解更多美资企业在中国开展的业务;
  4. 在双语、友好、协作的办公氛围中获得专业工作经验;
  5. 培养管理技能,学习如何从头到尾开发和实施项目;
  6. 及时掌握新重要时事,比如近期的中美经贸摩擦;
  7. 学习入门的财务技能;
  8. 可以为你的下一步申请提供推荐信;
  9. 提供相应的实习津贴。

To apply for this job email your details to internship@amchamchina.org