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Founded in 1980 by Irish entrepreneur and scientist Dr. Pearse Lyons, Alltech is a cutting-edge technology company in a traditional industry, agriculture. Our products improve the health and nutrition of our plants and animals, resulting in more nutritious products for people as well as less impact on the environment.



  • Identify and explore potential business opportunities and develop business relationship with potential customers through different channel识别和开发潜在的商业机会,从不同渠道发展同潜在客户的商业关系
  • Successfully lead and train up a professional sales to achieve the sales target and evaluate their performance by providing direction, follow-up, coaching and corrective action成功领导和培训专业的销售人员,以达到预期的销售目标。通过提供方向,跟进,指导和改善等方式衡量其业绩
  • Set high and clear goals and implement strategic plans to achieve the growth objective of Alltech Keenan & Beef business in China. Guarantee customer satisfaction and loyalty to ensure sustainable business relations 设定高标准和清晰的目标并实施战略计划以达到奥特奇中国Keenan和肉牛业务的增长目标。保证客户的满意度和忠诚度以确保持续发展
  • Manage and coordinate resources across China teams to ensure commercial, technical and logistical support provided to customers is effective and appropriate 管理协调中国团队的资源以保证在商务,技术和后勤提供给客户的支持是有效和恰当的
  • Visit different layers of key accounts’ decision makers on regular basis, understand their real business needs and expectations, and develop ideas, services and solutions to improve customer satisfaction and enhance strategic partnership 定期拜访不同层次的大客户决策层,了解他们真实的商业需要和期望,开发新理念,提供服务和解决方案来提高客户的满意度,加强战略合作伙伴关系
  • Collect, consolidate and analyze market data (market trend, customers’ need, competitors’ market activities etc) to explore and identify potential business opportunities, so as to exceed the sales target 收集、合并和分析市场数据(包括市场趋势,客户需要,竞争对手的市场活动等)来开发和辨别潜在商业机会,以此来超越销售目标
  • Support on Marketing programs and government relationship such as keep good relationship with embassies, commercial chambers and etc 支持市场活动,并维护政府关系,例如维护好与使馆已经商会等等的关系



  • Bachelor degree or above with Business or agricultural background preferred 本科及以上学历,商业或农业背景优先
  • Experience in leading sales teams, with minimum 3 years of Sales or Technical Sales experience in this field 有带销售团队经验,至少3年此行业的销售或技术销售背景
  • The individual will be able to write business proposal 能够独立书商业建议书
  • Experience in working effectively with existing clients and develop new business, manage key accounts, build, motivate and train a sales organization.能有与现有客户有效开展工作,发展新业务,管理大客户,建立、激励和培训销售团队的经验
  • Mature individual with good interpersonal skills and an interpersonal approach. Ability to instill confidence, inspire and gain cooperation at all levels, both inside and outside the organization 成熟稳重,拥有良好的个人沟通技巧和方法。善于激励他人,给人信心,善于对内和对外的合作
  • Highly dependable manager with strong ethics and integrity.良好职业道德,正直可信赖
  • Articulate and tactful negotiator, with strong communication skills in English and Mandarin.思路清晰 ,有良好的谈判技巧,优秀的中英文沟通能力
  • This role prefers an English native speaker with good commend of Chinese both in orally and written. Interview may involve Chinese test. 优先考虑招聘母语为英语的候选人,并具有良好的中文口头和书面表达能力。面试可能包括中文测试
  • Prefer the candidate already have work permit in Beijing can meet the requirement for applying a work permit. 优先考虑已在北京有工作许可且能满足申请工作许可要求的候选人


To apply for this position, please send your CV to china@alltech.com.

To apply for this job please visit alltech.com.