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Agribusiness, Food and Beverage is growing and we have been lucky!  Our clients continue to require staff and continue to ask us to help them, it is still an exciting time to be in our industry.



We are looking for enthusiastic and energetic people that have the EQ to build and maintain relationships with intelligent and forward thinking clients and candidates.



Our firm is agribusiness focused with offices in Beijing, Vietnam and United Kingdom.  We are most recognized agribusiness focused recruitment firm in China and have been recognized by Linked-In as being the Top 10 Most Socially Engaged firms for the past two years.



Our open planned and low density offices are centrally located in San Li Tun, a ten minute walk from a choice of two subway stations in a low rise building, without the use of an elevator.



We are looking for a unique person to join our unique firm!



Required Skills:  职位要求

  • A curious mind 有好奇心
  • Energy, enthusiasm and willingness to learn 充满能量、热情、愿意学习和提高
  • Eagerness to meet new people and to help people 渴望结识新朋友并乐于帮助他人
  • Interest in agribusiness and food 对农业和食品行业感兴趣
  • 2-3 years of working experience, in any industry 2-3年工作经验,不限行业
  • Self-motivated, organized and accurate during the work 工作积极主动、在工作中有条理、有精准度
  • Effective communicator – Friendly, polite and persuasive 有效的沟通,友好、礼貌、有说服力。


Job Details: 工作内容

  • Developing relationships and trust with candidates to understand their career needs and aspirations
  • Understand job roles and how to position these roles to perspective candidates
  • Developing and building your network of candidates in the agribusiness industry
  • Prepare candidates for interviews and communicate with clients
  • Maintain our database to be up to date with all responsible candidate and job records.
  • Attend training, education and development programs to assist in improved performance, personal growth and advancement.


  • 与候选人建立关系和信任,以了解他们的职业需求和抱负
  • 理解职位要求,以及如何将职位要求匹配到相符合的候选人
  • 在农业行业发展和建立你的候选人社交圈
  • 为面试做好准备,并与客户进行沟通
  • 维护和更新数据库录入所有候选人和职位信息
  • 参加培训教育和发展项目,以帮助提高业绩、个人成长和进步



Please contact with Ms. Jing Wang if you are interest in new job opportunity.

+86 10 6591 9042 Ext 230




To apply for this job email your details to jing@aartd.com