Mike Oswell                Zheng Xue                Lin Gao                      Donny Huang 

Mike Oswell

Mike Oswell is an experienced and successful business leader, business developer and manager. He has over 30 years experience as a senior executive in a global consulting firm in the field of environmental engineering and as Asia Managing Director. Having worked in over 60 countries, his experience covers government clients, the oil industry, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, engineering industries and extends to US, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. While in Singapore he started the Asia campus of the company’s in-house university and in recent years has been active in areas of executive education in China. He has taught writing skills to executives and managers in Airbus, BP, Caterpillar, Ernst & Young, GE Healthcare, IBM, Microsoft, Siemens and individuals from over 30 further multinational companies. Oswell holds a BA and MA from Cambridge University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Zheng Xue 薛铮

Zheng Xue, a Microsoft Certified Professional, is the Office Special Trainer for MBA classes at Tsinghua University. He has been given Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) annual awards since 2010. He has been a trainer and a leader for an office skills program at Microsoft, delivering Microsoft Office’s application skills. Thanks to his rich experiences in course designing and teaching, he professionally made a great contribution to design the training course creating a perfect training system for enterprises. Zhang Xue Graduated from Beijing Normal University, while at school, he studied pedagogy, psychology, he has always had his unique insights regarding curriculum design and teaching contents.

清华大学MBA课程外聘讲师,为清华MBA学生主讲职业素养系列课程;连续6届微软最有价值专家(Microsoft Most Valuable Professional),致力于企业办公效率与办公技能提升的培训与知识分享;微软认证技术专家,通过微软全球技术测试获得微软技术认证,成为微软认证技术专家(MCITP);金山 WPS 认证讲师,参与金山 WPS 企业培训师计划,获得金山公司办公软件认证培训师称号;曾担任微软内部员工Office办公技能培训项目培训师及项目负责人,从Office 软件制作厂商系统 Office 的应用价值和使用技巧。对于Office 办公软件培训有丰富的课程设计及授课经验,擅长为企业定制培训课程和搭建培训体系;毕业于北京师范大学,在校期间曾修习教育学、心理学课程,在教育培训方面有专业的知识背景,在课程体系设计、课程内容讲授方面有自己的独到见解。

Lin Gao 高琳

Lin has over 20 years of experience with Fortune 500 companies both in China and the U.S.  Her expertise spans across areas of government affairs, IT, supply chain and marketing. She held the senior director of Global Government Affairs position at Motorola Solutions China and was responsible for managing relationships with various government bodies and trade associations for business advocacy. Moreover, she was also responsible for corporate governance as well as CSR programs in Motorola Solutions China. Before this role, Lin held multiple senior positions at Motorola including CIO for Asia Pacific, where she was responsible for delivering IT solutions for the region. As a certified Marshall Goldsmith leadership coach and Erickson professional coach, Lin helps executives at MNCs to further improve their leadership and communication skills. Lin is an experienced trainer in business communication (both internal & external). She is also a sought-after speaker and has spoken at several TEDx events.



Helen Dong 董一鸣

Helen is a Chinese national, living in Beijing. She has an outstanding HR management pedigree, with a Career in fields of management consulting, human resource management and training spanning 21 years in top fortune 500 companies. She has worked extensively in providing consultative solutions for multinational companies, state-own-enterprises and private sectors operating in China. Her consulting clients include: Owens Corning, China Petrol, China Telecom, Tellabs, RDPAC, and SMEs in China in media industry, internet industry, real-estate industry and manufacturing-based companies. 

Starting with her background in Fortune 500 companies including Kraft, GE, Motorola and Terex as HR generalist, she has been playing an important Human Resources role for China and Greater China. Her last role in the corporate world was The HR Director for Terex China, which has 18 legal entities with 10,000 employees including 7 manufacturing sites in mainland China. She has gradually added psychological dimensions to her consultant career and is now DISC certified trainer. 

Helen demonstrates strong ability and capability to support individuals to progress towards their established career desire and aspiration. She combines her corporate human resources and training exposure with the practical and succeeded experiences in career coaching in supporting individuals in strategically establishing career vision and migrating towards their desired direction. Her career transition clients include global leading electronic companies, internet companies, media, financial service companies and manufacturing companies. She also has in-depth human resources expertise in M&A projects, outplacement consulting and executive coaching.




Donny Huang

Donny truly understands the cultural differences that shape global business and leadership behaviors. As a consultant and executive coach, he has served large Chinese national corporations including,  Lenovo, Huawei Technology, ZTE Corporation as well as multinationals, Singapore Airline, Nike, the World Bank, UBS, Microsoft, Dell, Areva, etc. Donny started his career with the Standard Chartered Bank. Following his MBA, Donny moved on to serve as International Operations Supervisor and Representative for Allied Domecq Retailing International, the parent company of Baskin-Robbins and Dunkin’ Donuts. Donny was VP at Datahouse, an established Honolulu-based management, and technology consulting company and after that Managing Director of Pilot Marketing Management Consulting Co. Prior to founding 4stones, Donny was Vice President, Sales & Marketing for a Canadian public-traded company. Donny has taught Intercultural Communications/management in the several US and Chinese Universities such as Peking University, University of International Business and Economics- Beijing (UIBE). He is constantly invited to speak at international conferences, such as Conference Board’s Leadership Forum, Horasis European-China Business Conference, etc. Donny is certified to use Hogan Assessment and Thunderbird Global Mindset Inventory.


Donny的职业生涯是从渣打银行开始的。后来在修完MBA后,Donny转而成为的美国31冰淇淋(Baskin-Robbins & Dunkin’ Donuts)母公司——联合多美集团(Allied Domecq Retailing International)的全球运营总监和企业代表。他也曾是基于火奴鲁鲁的管理和科技资讯企业Datahouse的副总裁,百乐市场管理资讯公司(Pilot)的常务董事。在创立4stones之前Donny曾是一家加拿大上市公司的销售与市场副总裁 。