01 Northeast Chapter News 

Dalian Golf Association and Dalian Changxing Island Golf Resort Co. Ltd. joined together with AmCham China Northeast Chapter, Dalian Japanese Chamber of Commerce, Dalian Korean Chamber of Commerce, Dalian Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce, Dalian Hubei Chamber of Commerce, and Dalian University Alumni Golf Union to host the Northeast Asia Entrepreneurs Golf Tournament on Sunday, September 20th.  

Approximately 50 golfers representing this diverse group enjoyed a friendly competition on this beautiful yet challenging course. AmCham China Northeast Chapter Executive Committee member Kim Michalk (pictured below), of Dalian American International School, was warmly greeted. In addition to a TV interview, she was asked to give a brief welcoming speech and participate in the kick-off tee with other Chamber members.  

Golfers were treated to a sumptuous dinner during the awards banquet, where many generous gifts were awarded and raffled, including an 8L bottle of Bentley XO Cognac! This was a great opportunity to collaborate with area Chamber members. AmCham China Northeast Chapter looks forward to other such opportunities to work together with these diverse international and Chinese national organizations to sponsor future events.