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BEIJING–The American Chamber of Commerce in the People’s Republic of China expressed enthusiasm and relief at the vote by the U.S. House of Representatives to grant permanent normal trade relations status to China. With PNTR status, China will be obligated to extend improved market access and other advantageous terms to U.S. companies when China enters the WTO, as negotiated in a bilateral agreement last November.

“We are extremely pleased that the conditions are now set for U.S. companies, workers, and farmers to enjoy the benefits of China’s WTO entry,” said Tim Stratford, chairman of AmCham-China.  “With a more solid foundation for trade relations between the two countries, American companies will be able to make serious long-term plans to offer their products and services in China. Our focus now will be on facilitating China’s formal accession into the WTO and compliance with its WTO obligations.” He noted that AmCham-China will be working with both U.S. and Chinese governments to support implementation of China’s WTO accession terms.

In April, a team of AmCham-China representatives visited more than 100 congressional offices, lobbying for passage of PNTR. “We are grateful to the members of Congress who listened to our appeal and gave consideration to the needs of U.S. companies in China,” said Michael Furst, executive director of the chamber.

The American Chamber of Commerce in China represents more than 1,300 members from more than 600 companies. Its mission is to promote the development of trade, commerce, and investment between the United States and China.

For more information, please contact:

John Sullivan, Vice-President, Member Services (010) 6505-0591, ext. 236

Ian Lancaster, Vice-President, Administration 1390-112-1454 or (currently in Shanghai) (021) 6511-4766

Tim Stratford, Chairman (currently in the U.S.) 1380-133-9712 or

Michael Furst, Executive Director (currently in the U.S.) 1390-135-0564 or