January 21, 2021

Beijing – The American Chamber of Commerce in China congratulates President Biden and Vice President Harris on the inauguration and welcomes the opportunity to work closely with the new administration to provide a full account of the current situation of US companies on the ground in China. While we recognize that there are several pressing domestic priorities for the new administration, we eagerly await the opportunity to engage with the new administration on US-China commercial policies and relations. Despite ongoing uncertainties in the bilateral relationship and the need for continued market reform, increased IP protection, and a more balanced operating environment in China, we strongly oppose the idea of large-scale decoupling, and remain optimistic that the business community can continue to lead the two countries towards a more stable commercial relationship. Travel and meeting restrictions related to COVID-19 have heightened the risks for misunderstandings to persist, further highlighting the need for increased dialogue between the two countries. We will support this process in every way we can.