In a survey conducted by the American Chamber of Commerce in China (AmChamChina) last week almost 60% of the 109 members who participated responded positively when asked about their outlook on China’s economic recovery for the next two years, which is an increase of 22 percentage points compared to the organization’s annual survey released in March.

However, 87% of the respondents reported pessimistic views on bilateral relations between the two countries, according to the survey, a rise of 14 percentage points fromthe March report. Strained U.S.-China ties continue to be a “bugbear” for American firms,AmCham China’s President Michael Hart said during a media video conference presenting the survey results Wednesday.

Nearly all AmCham China members believe that positive relations between the U.S.and China are essential for the growth of their companies, and the case is “acutely so for the technology and services sectors, according to the nonprofit’s annual American Businessin China White Paper, which was also released on Wednesday.

According to the white paper, high-level engagement between the two governments should be prioritized to address longstanding concerns over national security and other sensitive topics, while also expanding communication on less sensitive issues, It alsocalled on China to commit to further opening and to “faithfully”implement its commitments to equal treatment for foreign enterprises.

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