April 5, 2016 – Although the regulatory environment in China has matured dramatically over the past two decades, foreign companies see compliance as increasingly important as regulations governing data policy, anti-corruption, and anti-monopoly change rapidly, according a new report that will be released at an event tomorrow. Furthermore, a foreign-invested enterprise (FIE) in China must comply not only with the wide range of laws and regulations enforced by China’s central and local governments, including laws and regulations relevant to its particular industry, but also with laws and regulations of the legal jurisdiction of its parent company.

The 25-page paper, titled Compliance in China: Ongoing Regulatory and Operational Challenges, is being released to raise awareness of the significant challenges and complications that AmCham China member companies face as they implement practices to ensure full compliance with laws and regulations. It covers three main areas:

  • Corruption
  • Data Policy
  • Anti-Monopoly Law

“Tougher enforcement of China’s recently adopted laws and regulations – ranging from antimonopoly to food safety to data privacy to tax rules to anti-corruption standards – is a step in the right direction, so long as the laws are implemented in a fair, uniform, and transparent manner.” said James Zimmerman, Chairman of AmCham China. “Although American business in China has exemplary compliance programs in place, there are increasing concerns about transparency, predictability and fairness of the regulatory environment that impact their ability to implement comprehensive compliance programs.”

Download: Compliance in China: Ongoing Regulatory and Operational Challenges

Attend the AmCham China member event: Latest in Compliance: Corruption, Data Privacy, and the Anti-Monopoly Law

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