Rural Revitalization Events: Transforming Lives and Communities

AmCham China’s commitment to Rural Revitalization was evident in two pivotal events in April 2023. The first, a “Rural Revitalization Inspection Tour with MOFCOM”, took representatives on a transformative journey through Sichuan Province. The second event, the “Working Session on Rural Revitalization”, gathered influential figures to discuss the significant role of companies in rural economic development, women’s empowerment, and child protection initiatives. Read on to explore how both events highlighted the potential for rural revitalization through collaboration between companies and the government.

Images from Sichuan Province from the Rural Revitalization Inspection Tour with MOFCOM
Photo courtesy of AmCham China

Rural Revitalization Inspection Tour with MOFCOM

In April 2023, AmCham China teamed up with the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) for a Rural Revitalization Inspection Tour in Sichuan Province. Led by Deputy Director General Zhang Fan and cadre Zhang Wenqi from MOFCOM, a delegation of 20-member company representatives embarked on the exploration.

Their journey began in Guang’an District, where they discovered the region’s agricultural potential. Highlights included visits to a pomelo parent garden, a pomelo processing plant, and the Aizhong New Energy Industrial Park, showcasing rural innovation.

A pivotal moment arrived with the Guang’an Investment and Cooperation Experience Exchange Meeting with American Companies. Notable speakers, including Party Secretary Zhang Tong and Deputy Director General Jing Linping, highlighted collaboration prospects in Guang’an.

The tour concluded in Yilong County, where they witnessed the impact of corporate partnerships. The tour showcased facilities donated by companies like Air Products, Emerson Electric, and Dow Chemical Company, emphasizing the positive change driven by such collaborations.

The journey celebrated the vital role American companies play in supporting China’s rural revitalization and encourages integration into China’s new development pattern, symbolizing a brighter future for rural communities.

Guang’an-Shenzhen Industrial Park in Guang’an Economic Development Zone
Photo courtesy of AmCham China

Working Session on Rural Revitalization

AmCham China hosted the 2023 Social Impact Initiative–Rural Revitalization Working Session on April 26, 2023. The event brought together stakeholders from various sectors, including the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Commerce, China Social Entrepreneur Foundation, Tsinghua University, UNICEF, ADB, and IFC, alongside representatives from 14 member companies.

The session aimed to explore the pivotal role of companies in China’s rural economic development, women’s empowerment, and child protection initiatives. Michael Hart, President of AmCham China, emphasized the strategic significance of rural revitalization, aligning with President Xi Jinping’s vision for China’s future social and economic development.

Zhang Songmei, Deputy Director of China Rural Technology Development Center, stressed the importance of technology and innovation in rural development. China’s accelerated innovation-driven rural revitalization bridges the gap between scientific and technological achievements and their practical implementation in agriculture.

The discussion shifted to companies’ roles in rural economic development, promoting sustainable agricultural practices, fostering cooperation between farmers and companies, and introducing innovative solutions to rural areas.

The session also highlighted the Orange Mother Project, supporting rural women’s economic empowerment and education. UNICEF discussed their work in children’s education, health, and protection and their desire to collaborate with companies. AmCham China Vice President Claire Ma concluded the session by expressing her gratitude to the participants and encouraged them to employ the strategies discussed in their respective rural revitalization efforts.

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