Gao Minglu's new exhibition The Lonely Horizon opened June 16 at Linda Gallery, with Ambassador Max Baucus, Melodee Hanes and other distinguished guests in attendance.

It was one of the first steamy summer nights of the year, and many luminaries of the Chinese contemporary art scene came out to 798 Art District to support Gao, a key voice in the art scene as both scholar and curator. These VIPs included the Principal of China Central Academy of Fine Arts Fan Di’an and acclaimed artist Xu Bing.

During the opening reception, AmCham China Chairman James Zimmerman explained the impact that Gao's curatorial work has had on establishing closer relationships between China and the US. 

“Art can indeed be a bridge to connect people from different cultural backgrounds, and that is why this event is important for American business here in China,” Zimmerman said. “Mr. Gao’s time in both China and the US has, in and of itself, allowed both of our countries and our people to grow closer together, to celebrate with one another, and to reflect upon the our historic past and our vision for the future.”