AmCham China is collecting and consolidating lists of in-kind and cash contributions from member companies. We will keep the information as an internal reference and will share it with relevant Chinese ministries at the appropriate time. If you would like to be included on this list, please fill out this form and return to Yang Bai at


January 25, 2020

AmCham China is currently working with interested member companies to provide information and support in any efforts our members may direct to supporting China's National Health Commission (NHC) and the relevant provincial and municipal authorities in their work to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus. 

For those member company teams already in conversations with AmCham China staff, we express our utmost gratitude – it is our hope to assist you in meaningful ways and we are grateful for your consideration and efforts toward this urgent societal matter and public health challenge. For companies still considering involvement, we endeavor to provide you with information to facilitate your deliberations. Member companies involved in logistics, transportation, the supply of relevant goods or services, or member companies positioned to provide financial donations, all can help make a difference in the difficult work needed to successfully contain the virus.

Over the next few weeks, and in spite of the Lunar New Year holiday, we will continue to work closely with our central and local government partners and member companies to identify opportunities where medical and other support can be provided, including medical equipment, logistical support, machinery equipment for constructing the emergency treatment facility campus in Wuhan or simply cash donations. Every measure of support, large or small, is meaningful and important.

Our staff members in Beijing and each of our Chapter offices are in communication with the NHC and local authorities to understand what is most needed and how we can effectively provide support. If there is any assistance we can provide to you or your teams, please let us know. We are committed to working closely with each of you on this shared public health situation that affects us all.

Below our signatures is information on specific needs we've gathered. We have also set up a WeChat group for this particular effort to assist you and your teams in how to most effectively channel your efforts. 

Wishing you a safe, healthy and happy Chinese New Year,

Greg Gilligan, Chairman, AmCham China

Al Beebe, President, AmCham China

Steve Carpenter, Chairman, Central China Chapter

Ladon Ghalili, Northeast China Chapter

Michael Hart, Tianjin China Chapter

Below is a list of medicines, test reagents, and protective apparels needed per information released by the National Health Commission:

  • Medicines: Kaletra, plus various antibiotics, antivirals, anti-infections, and interferons
  • Test reagents: Coronavirus antibody test kits
  • Protective apparels: Disposable latex gloves, surgical masks (YY 0469-2011 standard), medical masks (N95, GB19083-2010), disposable hats, safety glasses, protective face shields, comprehensive respirators, medical protective clothing (GB19082-2003), isolation gowns, CPE shoe covers

If you are able to help or have any further questions, please contact: