Asia Pacific Head of Corporate Engagement

Goldman Sachs

Running for: Governor

I have been involved in promoting business engagement in Chinese society for over a decade through my career in the U.S. government (Congress and U.S. Department of State) and in the nonprofit sector. After moving to China two years ago as the Asia Pacific Head of Corporate Engagement for Goldman Sachs, I have been working closely with AmCham China and its members to demonstrate American business thought leadership and goodwill as well as long-term commitment to doing good business in China.  My experiences in the U.S. government, including participation in annual Strategic & Economic Dialogue and U.S.-China People-to-People Exchange (CPE) have prepared me to advance American corporate interest through creative and constructive efforts such as public-private partnerships and strategic philanthropic investments.

If elected to serve as a governor of the Board of AmCham China, my objectives are as follows:

  • To continue to engage the Chinese stakeholders including the government at multiple levels, academics, think tanks, and the social sector to provide support, connections, and thought leadership to demonstrate American corporate commitment to doing good business in China;
  • To lead in creating American corporate goodwill through innovative public-private partnerships and to maxmize social impact;
  • To be the voice of the American business community in China and encourage American companies to be good corporate citizens and identify opportunities to highlight their socially responsible investments in China; and
  • To work closely with the Board of Governors and AmCham China’s members to understand their needs in order to achieve the abovementioned objectives.


Wenchi Yu is Goldman Sachs’ Asia Pacific Head for Corporate Engagement, leading the firm’s strategic philanthropy and social investment in the region. Immediately before Goldman Sachs, she started a business connecting investors and social entrepreneurs between Asia and the United States. Previously, she worked in the US State Department and the US Congress. She serves as an advisor to a number of nonprofit organizations, and is a fellow of Asia Society.