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For the second time in its 35-year history, AmCham China brought a group of members to Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region to learn about the investment environment. On this trip, the progress of the One Belt, One Road initiative was a major focus.

CIPA, the Investment Promotion Agency of Ministry of Commerce, co-organized the five-day excursion (June 21-25), so both AmCham China President Alan Beebe and CIPA Deputy Director General Zhang Yuzhong led the group in visits to Urumqi, Shihezi and Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture.

The delegation caught a glimpse of what's to come when visiting the construction site of a new railroad that will connect China to Central Asia and, eventually, Europe. (Read more about the One Belt, One Road initiative here and here.)

The delegation met with Xinjiang Department of Commerce Deputy Director General Ao Youte to deliver the 2016 White Paper and also to listen to Ao's introduction of the Xinjiang investment guide.

The group also met with commerce department leaders of Urumqi, Shihezi and Ili, and visited leading companies such as Daqo New Energy Cooperation and several national and provincial-level development zones, including Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone and Khorgos Economic Development Zone. Delegates coming from agriculture, healthcare, pharmaceutical, consulting and ICT industries all had in-depth communication with government officials on industrial and investment issues.


  • Xinjiang owns abundant natural resources and emphasizes development in agriculture, aviation, energy, logistics and tourism.
  • Xinjiang plans to strengthen infrastructure construction, particularly building transportation infrastructure in air, rail and road systems, and opening up the economy to investment from both domestic and foreign investors.
  • Xinjiang now has 23 national level and 60-some provincial development zones that may provide preferential tax policies and land policies.
  • Known as the core region of the Silk Road economic zone, Xinjiang is planned to be the center of transportation, commercial, cultural, healthcare and financial industries.


中国美国商会与商务部投资促进事务局代表团于6月21日至25日在会长毕艾伦(Alan Beebe) 先生和副局长张玉中先生的带领下对新疆维吾尔自治区进行商务投资考察的活动。 在这为期五天的考察调研中,代表团走访了乌鲁木齐、石河子及伊犁哈萨克自治州,并实地了解“一带一路”战略的进程。



  • 新疆有自然资源优势,如农产品及能源资源,并重点发展农业、航空业、能源行业、商贸运输及旅游行业
  • 新疆正在努力加强基础设施建设,尤其是在公路、铁路和民航线路的建设方面及对外开放的加强,需要更多的内外投资
  • 新疆拥有23个国家级开发区和60多个自治区级开发区,重点园区均拥有不同的优惠财税政策及弹性的土地政策
  • 作为“一带一路”战略的核心区,新疆被规划为该经济带中的交通、商贸物流、文化科教、医疗及金融中心