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The Board of Governors plays a critical role in driving strategic development of the American Chamber of Commerce in China and represents AmCham China in important advocacy, business, and community activities, especially with regard to AmCham China’s government and industry counterparts.

We hereby call on all Members who would like to serve the community in this way to seriously consider joining the leadership group of one of the largest foreign Chambers of commerce in China. Submit your nominations to run for the 2020 AmCham China Board of Governors, following the instructions below.

Seven members will each receive a two-year Board term

Last year, AmCham China amended its constitution and by-laws so that the 14-member board was divided into two staggered groups of seven, with each group serving for two consecutive years.

As a result, the following seven current board members Mark Duval, Greg Gilligan, Su Cheng Harris-Simpson, Jeff Layman, Albert Xie, Gloria Xu, and Kenneth Zhou will continue to serve on the 2020 Board.

They will be joined by the seven candidates who receive the highest number of votes in this year's Election, all of whom will serve a two-year term (2020-21). 

As last year, once the 2020 Board-elect is confirmed, they will directly elect the chair and two vice chairs for next year.    

A complete nomination requires:

  1. A nomination form (click to download) filled out with the signatures of two primary members, i.e. voting members. Self-nomination is allowed as long as it is seconded by a separate primary member. Primary members can nominate more than one candidate. Nominations will be reviewed and validated by the Election Committee before candidacies become official.
  2. Candidates who are not the primary member of your companies or organizations may run, but must become the primary member before January 1, 2020, if elected. The current primary member, if different from the candidate, must co-sign the nomination form to complete the nomination.
  3. An official biography with a high-resolution corporate head shot.
  4. A campaign statement that tells the membership about your candidate story and your envisioned commitment to AmCham China.
  5. All materials must be submitted in English.

The deadline for nominations is 5:00 PM, Friday, November 1, 2019


If you have a question about becoming or nominating a candidate for the AmCham China Board of Governors, please send an email to htan@amchamchina.org