“There is a wide variety of jobs rising in demand globally, but disruptive technology has an outsized impact on new jobs and changes in the new economy,” says Jian Lu, President at LinkedIn China and keynote speaker at the upcoming 2020 Tech and Innovation Summit. “Blockchain, cloud computing, analytical reasoning, and AI are among the most in-demand tech skills we see on LinkedIn.”

While discussing the changing nature of work, Lu provides that “as we think about the massive workforce shifts that will be taking place due to AI/automation, it’s important to get ahead of those trends to the greatest extent possible.” Lu believes that labor market insights can be used to guide employee learning and reskilling.

“Companies also need to be putting programs in place that will enable the reskilling of their employees who are facing job displacement or job evolution in the face of macro workforce trends.” In response to how workplaces and job opportunities can become more equitable and fair, Lu believes that “two people with equal talent should have equal access to opportunity.”

That is not always the case; LinkedIn research shows persistent evidence of network gaps. Additionally, Lu says that “the largest gender gaps among emerging jobs are in roles that rely heavily on disruptive tech skills, with the share of women represented across cloud, engineering and data jobs below 30%. To close network and gender gaps, LinkedIn will continue to be a trusted resource for individuals and business leaders working to achieve parity and navigate the future of work.”

Lu holds the role of President at LinkedIn China, and is responsible for leading the R&D of products and technologies in the China market and overseeing LinkedIn’s business in China.

On September 17, Jian Lu will join a pantheon of industry elite for the 2020 Tech and Innovation Summit, where he will deliver a keynote on preparing for the future of work in the digital era.

Join us on September 17 to hear the latest from Jian Lu and LinkedIn, and to explore how navigate through the uncertainty brought by COVID-19.

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