“Today we see increasing demand for digital transformation in  the enterprise market,” says Michael Zhu, HPE Global VP, Managing Director of China and keynote speaker at the upcoming 2020 Tech and Innovation Summit. “COVID-19 was the catalyst for rapid change and brought with it the opportunity to accelerate business transformation towards a brighter future.”

Among the major changes the pandemic is bringing is that it's brought an end to the information era, which focused on generating and collecting massive amounts of data that couldn’t create timely insights or produce concrete actions to change our future. Now, we are entering a new era – the age of insight – where insights and discoveries are shared and will elevate the greater well-being of every human being on the planet.

To prepare ourselves for the future and succeed in the new era, as Zhu indicates, we will have to look beyond the goal of becoming digitally powered, but also contemplate how we will be best positioned to deliver outcomes to all our stakeholders. This will be how we ensure sustainable, inclusive, and trustworthy digital transformations. Zhu will have more on this in his keynote speech.

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As Global Vice President and Managing Director of China for Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Michael Zhu leads HPE country management teams, representing HPE China with overall business responsibility.

On September 17, Michael Zhu will join a pantheon of industry elite for the 2020 Tech and Innovation Summit, where he will deliver a keynote on “Entering the Age of Insight”.

Join us on September 17 to hear the latest from Michael Zhu and HPE, and to explore how to navigate through the uncertainties brought by COVID-19.