Vice President, Public Policy and Government Relations at General Motors


Campaign Statement

Thanks for your trust and support, and, I’m honored to serve as the governor of Amcham China 2017 and 2018 Board, which enables me to advocate equal treatment and a level playing political field for our common business interest in China on your behalf. Our voice has been heard by both Chinese and the US government agencies, but there is still a long way to go and a lot of things need to be done.

I see it is more important today than ever before, for AmCham member companies  invested in China to get the equal opportunities in the policy & regulation development processes and implementation processes. Given the current trade and tariff issues between US and China, 2019 will be a very challenging year for all the US companies. The board should work even more closer with the Embassy and the Chinese government to address the tough issues, such as Market Approach, Equal Treatment, and to help the member companies to mitigate the business risks due to the trade conflicts between the two countries.

I would like to continue to remain in the board and work with other board governors to serve for the member companies and hope to get your support and vote for me. Thank you very much!


Albert Xie is Vice President, Public Policy and Government Relations at General Motors, China, with over 30-year working experience in the academia in China and foreign companies, and good understanding of the Chinese and Western cultures.

Albert holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Beijing Aeronautical Institute, and a Master’s degree in business administration from the China Program of City University in Seattle, Washington.

Before joining the corporate world, Albert had an 11-year career in the academia in China, teaching aviation engines and aircraft maintenance at the Civil Aviation University of China.  Prior to General Motors, Albert worked for General Electric (GE) in China for 17 years, serving major leadership responsibilities covering sales and marketing, and government affairs, and most recently served as General Manager, China Government Affairs, GE Aviation.

Albert joined General Motors (GM) China in February, 2014, as Vice President for Public Policy and Government Relations based in Beijing, responsible for building and maintaining GM's strong relationship with key government agencies, interpreting China's political environment to support management decisions, promoting GM's corporate image, and fostering strong relationships with GM's partners to enhance its government relations strategies.