General Manager at Fresh Farm Plus



Resident of Tianjin for 15 years, and a member of Amcham for the greater part of that, serving on the Executive Committee and as co-founder and Chair of the Environmental and Sustainability Committee for the past four. For the bulk of these years I’ve been in the recycling and environmental industries, split between independent business and sub-contracting for industrial accounts, both regional and multinational.

As required by the nature of the industry, I’ve done, and do, a lot of touring throughout the greater Tianjin, Beijing, and Hebei region, out in the yards and the field. This has allowed me a space to develop a different perspective on current business and local trends then on gains in the office building. I plan to keep on bringing this experience to Amcham and the executive committee.

With the Environmental Committee, I’m also looking forward to building on the work we’ve done here, and continuing to find more ways for Amcham to contribute to the community in these important areas. This year we have the second edition of TECC [The Tianjin Environmental CSR Challenge/Conference], and we’re coming up on the fourth year of the TReC program (The Tianjin Recycling/educational Challenge) and we’re feeling good about the future.

Vote for me, vote for the environment!