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AmCham China and CCID Exchange Meeting

On the morning of June 9, AmCham China hosted the 2022-2023 Social Impact Initiative – AmCham China and CCID Roundtable Discussion. The focus of the meeting was the challenges and opportunities for Multi-National Corporations (MNCs) in assisting China’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with digital transformation. Long Fei, Director of the Institute of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Gong Jian, Director of the Research Office of Policy Planning and Enterprise Innovation of the Institute of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and five other delegates from CCID attended the meeting. Claire Ma, Vice President of AmCham China, led the chamber’s Government Affairs and Policy team in attending the meeting. Company delegates from Qualcomm, Amazon, Schneider Electric, Emerson Electric, and HP also attended and shared their cases, achievements, and prospects for MNCs participation in the digital transformation and business globalization of Chinese SMEs under China’s digital economy strategy.


Director Long Fei introduced the work of CCID in promoting the digital transformation of SMEs through policy and administrative supports, as well as the progress of international cooperation with international organizations such as the UN and other private institutions.

AmCham China Vice President Claire Ma mentioned that in 2020, AmCham China launched the Social Impact Program, with one of its main focuses being how to assist the thousands of SMEs in China in recovering from the severe impact of the epidemic. Our stakeholders agreed that SMEs in China face three major challenges: lack of access to financing, failure to fully leverage digital technologies to accelerate growth, and limited exposure to overseas markets. These problems stem from inadequate institutional measures and supportive policies, as well as the lack of knowledge, capabilities, and resources within companies. The Chamber’s 2022 SII Digital Economy Report recommended the government to create a favorable business environment for SMEs by strengthening policy support. Specifically, it suggested that the government should:
  1. Increase investment in digital infrastructure, including 5G base stations, big data research centers, blockchain technology applications, etc., to provide the necessary digital infrastructure for enterprises’ digital transformation.
  2. Increase financial support for small and medium-sized enterprises during their critical moments of digital transformation, establish special digital funds, and consider introducing certain preferential measures or tax policy reductions.
  3. Strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights and foster enterprises’ enthusiasm for independent innovation in digital technology.
  4. Actively cultivate digital talents, support enterprises in key industries to strengthen cooperation with research institutions, carry out targeted personnel training, and enhance the digital literacy of workers.
  5. Provide vigorous support for the development of cross-border e-commerce, including offering greater support in the construction of cross-border logistics hubs, digital technology, talent introduction, and among other aspects.
Company delegates then exchanged ideas with CCID on issues such as technology, financing, employment, cross-border transactions, and localization services for Chinese SMEs based on their own experiences and the current situation of different industries.

AmCham China launched the innovative Social Impact Initiative (SII) in July 2020. The core principle driving this Initiative is our belief that the private sector has a meaningful role to play in helping China achieve its development goals, and that AmCham China members are uniquely qualified to assist.

With the spirit of sharing, commitment, collaboration, and engagement in win-win cooperation, we will continue to explore new public-private partnership opportunities in the realms of digital economy, green development, and rural revitalization. We will organize more events focusing on these three themes in the upcoming months. We welcome both Chinese and foreign companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, and industry associations to join us on our social impact journey.

Visit our webpage to learn more about SII. For any inquiries, please contact the SII program leader, Grace Liu at gliu@amchamchina.org.