By Casey Sullivan

Here at AmCham we take our work, and our travel, very seriously. This year our staff is spreading their wings and flying, biking, hiking, and even sailing a collective 37,681 kilometers, taking the meaning of “world traveled” to a whole new level. By the time work resumes after the Spring Festival, our office will have more than circumnavigated the globe. This is the year of the rooster we aren’t monkeying around anymore. Our office is determined to ring in the Chinese New Year with family and new memories.

While some of us are using the holiday to relax and catch up in Beijing, many will be jet-setting to beautiful travel destinations all over the world. Lan Meng, AmCham’s Finance Director, has budgeted her time well enough to allow for a long trip to Sydney, Australia. Lan Meng is no stranger to the Australian lifestyle. “I have been to Australia many times.  My husband lives in Australia, so I am looking forward to spending Chinese New Year with my family in a warm and vibrant city,” she said.  While Lan Meng is busy reacquainting herself with Australia, Henri Tan will be channeling his inner kangaroo and doing some hopping himself – island hopping, that is.

Henri will be going from Hong Kong to Bangkok, and from Bangkok to Hua Hin. For Henri, the invitation to island life is well deserved, and will no doubt be well-received as a break from his hectic schedule as director of member operations at AmCham. “This is going to be a busy family trip, but I’m looking forward to warm weather and beaches.”

Policy analyst Jack Kamensky will enjoy a traditional Chinese New Year, although traditional only in the sense that he will be surrounded by family. “For Chinese people, the Spring Festival is a holiday to return home, be reunited with family, and take a relaxing break. This year, I will be going back to my hometown of Washington, DC to see my family, but I’m sure that I will be taking White Paper chapters with me to edit!” For Jack, the usual traditions of Chinese New Year, such as enjoying the flavors of the “small white pearl,” or “tang yuan,” will be cast aside. Instead, Jack will be demonstrating his dedication to AmCham by sinking his teeth into a different kind of jewel, the White Paper. 


AmCham China staff celebrate at their annual Chinese New Year party.