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What the Future Holds in US-China Relations

Co-Founder of Rhodium and leader of the China, India, and Asia research advisory team, Dan Rosen has received wide recognition for his expertise on the US-China relationship. He sat down with AmCham China to share his expertise on the future of bilateral relations and what’s in store for the Chinese economic trajectory, Chinese FDI in the US, and American business in China.

Bottling Lightning

One industrial investor who has found great success with his incisive investments is Saeed Amidi, CEO of Plug and Play, the largest network startup accelerator and corporate innovation platform in the world. With an unlikely entry to Silicon Valley’s tech scene in the early ‘90s, Amidi has since grown his accelerator empire into one that has accelerated nearly 10,000 startups, has over 300 corporate partnerships and 280 VC partners, and portfolio companies that raise $2 billion per year.

Playing Around the World

Scott O’Neil, CEO of HSBE, and former President of Madison Square Garden Sports, discusses the keys to his company’s success, organizational planning and talent management, life as a CEO, and the potential of professional sports and entertainment in China.

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