Joint Announcement by
The American Chamber of Commerce in the People's Republic of China
The Department of Commerce of Shandong Province
to Hold the Shandong-U.S. Business Partnership Week High-Level Dialogue in September, 2017
Support U.S. Companies to Win Opportunities in Shandong’s Efforts of Converting Economic Development Drivers

July 2017

Shandong Province is an important market and investment destination for U.S. businesses in China.  U.S. businesses in the province have enjoyed longstanding partnerships in trade, investment, technological collaboration and sharing of best practices.  To further enhance these successes, AmCham China and the Shandong Department of Commerce will jointly establish a platform for dialogue and delivery between AmCham China member companies and the Shandong, by implementing the following initiatives beginning in 2017:

  • Jointly promote the province’s efforts to update and upgrade key industries for economic development promulgated in Shandong’s recent 11th Party Congress report, help AmCham China member companies improve investment in Shandong, guide them to better integrate with local industrial development, and support AmCham China member companies to win new business opportunities in Shandong that would become their new strategic growth drivers in China; 
  • In response to Shandong’s efforts of converting economic development drivers and AmCham China’s membership, joint promote collaboration in the following industries: modern agriculture, chemicals, information and communication technologies, marine economy, urban development and infrastructure, energy raw materials, modern financial services, culture and tourism, and nutrition and health;
  • Survey AmCham China member companies to understand their specific needs for local policy implementation support for challenges of business activities in Shandong, explore potential opportunities to participate in Shandong’s planned key projects;
  • Hold the AmCham China-Shandong Province Forum in Jinan in September, 2017, where Shandong’s government and business leadership and senior executives of AmCham China’s member companies will discuss the province’s policy goals to produce new economic development drivers and concrete business opportunities for AmCham China and Shandong companies to collaborate;
  • During the Forum, hold dialogues between AmCham China’s Board of Governors, other senior executives and Shandong’s top leadership on the findings of the 2017 American Business in China White Paper and Business Climate Survey, and set goals and a system for future exchanges to jointly promote the economic opening and advance the local business environment of Shandong;
  • Through display at the high-level dialogue and local site visits, showcase Shandong’s comprehensive economic development plan and AmCham China member companies’ success stories in Shandong.  

AmCham China will work with the Shandong Department of Commerce to coordinate member companies’ participation in all the above activities.  We will also actively ask for member companies input on how to organize the agenda and provide updates on our preparation through a series of email announcement and pre-event marketing.

We look forward to your successful participation! 

Main contact person: Henri Tan, Director, Member Operations, AmCham China

Office: +86 10 8519 0856