This month’s Tianjin Monthly Executive Breakfast Briefing saw the return of Michael Hart, Managing Director of JLL to give an updated look at the real estate market not just in Tianjin, but in Beijing and the Xiong’An new area. Joining Michael was Chelsea Cai, Head of Research at JLL, who brought her team of analysts to breakdown the data surrounding real estate pricing in Tianjin, the development of new office building areas in Beijing, and the foreseeable trends for local growth.

Michael Hart, Managing Director of JLL  gives an overview of real estate market in Beijing, Tianjin, and the Xiong’An new area.

The presentation displayed truly just how multifaceted an industry real estate is, with Michael explaining how Tianjin’s GDP growth rate has affected the population of tenants and office workers, and how the government’s anti-corruption campaign might impact the construction of new real estate. Highlights of the presentation included the rise of supertall buildings (buildings over 300m) and their impact on a city’s cultural identity, how supermalls have shifted their services to compete with online retailing, and where China’s largest corporations have been placing their long-term outbound investments. Michael noted that China has recently surpassed the United States as the leading nation for outbound investments, making the presentation’s insights particularly timely.

Chelsea Cai, Head of Research at JLL provides an overview of development in the Xiong'An New area.

Michael and Chelsea’s intensive knowledge of real estate in China was on full display during the breakfast’s presentation, and it was clear that the message resonated with attendees by the rigorous Q&A that followed. AmCham China, Tianjin would like to thank Michael Hart and Chelsea Cai for their hard work and effort. For more information regarding AmCham China Tianjin’s upcoming events, please check our official website.