Dear John: My company is involved in the financing, developing and managing of real estate projects in the Southeast region of the US. Naturally, we have been following the recent influx of Chinese money into the US property market and we would like to know how we could begin to develop a strategy to attract this investment.

Chinese outbound investment has increased significantly over the last five years and the US real estate market has benefited greatly. To date, Chinese investment has focused mainly on the West and Northeast coasts of the US, but these markets appear to be saturated, and there is evidence that a trend is developing of Chinese exploring secondary markets in the US. A number of our member companies are taking advantage of this trend by organizing workshops and seminars highlighting this segment of the market. 

AmCham China is involved in monthly events that help promote real estate investment in the US, either through the EB-5 business investment visa program, promoting directly to Chinese investors and developers or by introducing US service companies such as legal, accounting, consulting, insurance or human resources to assist Chinese companies with their outbound real estate investment strategies. 

We work with various Chinese trade associations, chambers of commerce, investment funds and local city commissions of commerce as well as the member’s own client base to attract a qualified Chinese audience to our events here in Beijing. Also, we often involve the Foreign Commercial Service of the US Embassy in their capacity to promote outbound Chinese investment. 
I would suggest you begin your strategy by coming to China and building a network of Chinese clientele. Once you have established that network, AmCham China can help with hosting an event to showcase your projects and properties.