As a candidate for the 2016 AmCham Board of Governors, I would like to share my thoughts on how I will continue to contribute  to this year’s Board and to American companies doing business in China.

The year 2016 is the beginning of China’s Thirteenth Five-Year Development Plan. China’s reform agenda has made steady progress in the past few years, particularly in areas of finance and banking as interest rates have been liberalized, current and capital accounts progressively opened, steps have been taken to internationalize the Renminbi, and recent flexibility injected into the exchange rate regime.

Despite some of the current macro challenges that China is facing with slower growth and market volatility, as it shifts to a more consumption-driven economy, the reform agenda is likely to continue to make significant progress in 2016, and with it, pose tremendous opportunities and challenges to AmCham’s corporate members.

As a Governor, I will be committed to helping AmCham China to create a vigorous platform for members to better understand and capitalize on the opportunities, as well as to better adapt to market movements and manage risks. I would help arrange relevant training events and workshops discussing the latest developments.

With over 8 years of experience serving AmCham in both China and Vietnam, I am confident that I can leverage my expertise in banking to serve as a bridge between AmCham members and China policy makers, and do my part to help AmCham member navigate the landscape of China’s rapidly evolving economic environment.

I want to sincerely thank AmCham members for giving me the opportunity to serve you in 2015 and seek your support and vote in the upcoming 2016 election.