General Manager and Partner for ADG


Campaign Statement

Technology is changing the world in ways that we are only beginning to understand. Technology is no longer just a niche or something that fits into a working group but now it is something that is fundamental to every company, industry and country. Today, companies are desperately trying to understand what technology means for their businesses – which technologies are ready for commercial adoptions, which ones are simply cost savings and which ones are game changing competitive threats to everything they do.

Today, companies no longer have the choice of ignoring what is happening in China. China and its technologies are impacting the world in way never thought possible before. AmCham is at the center of this enormous change where global technology, competition, national security, policy and politics intersect. AmCham has taken a bold new direction in 2018 with its technology initiative but the work has just started.

For 18 years, my company has been based in China and we have been laser focused on one thing – helping large and small Western technology companies to navigate and engage with China to drive ambitious growth initiatives. For our clients we are their advisers and their on-the-ground execution team successfully having closed hundreds of partnerships with leading Chinese technology companies. We have been on the front lines in China watching the change and helping our clients to identify and execute upon the opportunities that naturally arise in times of change.

I believe that AmCham must be the first stop for every technology company engaging with China. I have been actively involved with and have leveraged the resources of my company to support AmCham as an advisor, supporter and promotional partner behind AmCham’s new technology initiative. We have worked with Alan and his team to help influence the direction and expansion of the initiative. During this time, I have been focused on several areas:

  1. Making sure that AmCham understands the needs not only of the large technology companies that are currently members of AmCham but also the emerging technology companies that will become the engine of AmCham in the years to come;
  2. Helping to bring our network of China technology companies directly to AmCham to join in working groups, mixers and formal events – we believe to have meaningful impact it relies on real business cooperation;
  3. Connecting AmCham with our technology networks outside of China, the places where technology companies start thinking about China and how to address China.

In addition, my active involvement of the past year, I have also previously served as a Chair to the Financial Services working group and also drafting and editing numerous White Papers.

In conclusion, I appreciate your vote and I will do my best to bring a valuable and needed “technology DNA” and network to AmCham that can be a huge asset as AmCham looks to evolve and become the go-to organization for the future of China USA business cooperation. If am elected to the Board of Governors I will bring my passion and energy to continue to support this important AmCham initiative.


Chris DeAngelis is a Partner and General Manager of Alliance Development Group (ADG) based in Beijing. Been leading ADG China team since 2009, Chris has overseen the successful execution of over hundreds of partnerships between Chinese companies and leading western technologies. With years of experiences in the China market execution, Chris is an expert on the Chinese technology scene and emerging trends.

Prior to joining ADG, Chris was a Vice President at GE Capital where he underwrote over US$1 billion in transactions supporting U.S. and cross-border leveraged buyouts on behalf of global private equity funds. He holds a Bachelor in Accounting from Lehigh University and an MBA from Columbia Business School. Chris is also on the board of advisors for AmCham China Technology and Innovation Initiative.