Vice President of Asia Pacific for Vermeer Corporation, and
Chairman of Vermeer China Limited

Running for: Governor


Campaign Statement

I have lived in Beijing for the past 14 years, and lead the Asia Pacific Region and China businesses for Vermeer Corporation. Over the past 2 years, I have been honored to serve the U.S. business community in China, as Vice Chairman of AmCham China. For the coming year, I am running for election to the Board of Governors.

The U.S. China bilateral relationship matters very much to both countries and the world. Economic ties form the cornerstone of that relationship, one which allows us to focus on areas of common interest, creating jobs and prosperity in both countries. The recent pace of economic reforms and market opening in China has been slow and faltering, while the U.S. has remained much more open. It is in the interest of China and U.S. to implement policies that encourage fair market access, promote  investment, and protect intellectual property. Amcham China, as the voice of the U.S. business community, has a critical role to play to ensure constructive engagement and improvement in the business environment for our member companies.


Colm Rafferty is the Vice President – Asia Pacific for Vermeer Corporation and is Chairman of Vermeer China Limited. Vermeer is an equipment manufacturer, with products used for agricultural mechanization, environmental protection, infrastructure development, and non-blast surface mining. The Asia Pacific business includes integrated supply chain operations and dealer networks and company-owned distribution in China, Singapore, Australia, Northeast Asia, and Southeast Asia.

Colm received an MBA from the Yale School of Management, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in East Asian Studies from Brown University. He has served as Vice Chairman of Amcham China for two terms, is on the Yale University Asia Development Council, the Yale School of Management’s Greater China Advisory Board, and has served on the Executive Committee of the Beijing Chapter of the Young Presidents' Organization (YPO).