The upcoming American Ball hosted by AmCham China will continue its legacy of generous support for improving the lives of thousands of families in China. Since 2003, AmCham China has raised over RMB 12 million that has been donated to charity.

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This year’s theme will be The 8th Kingdom, a medieval fantasy realm where an epic battle between good and evil rages. For centuries, the seven houses of the AmCham China Realm lived in harmony, until an 8th house arose that disturbed the balance of power. Whether you’re a knight of the realm, a member of the Night’s Watch, or a powerful queen, all are welcome to join in on the fantastical evening of pageantry, dance, and feasts of roast meats and dark ale in the Imperial Great Hall.

Attendeeds of a previous American Ball in very "colorful" cosutmes for the Circus-themed event.

At previous American Balls, attendees have embraced the theme, dressing up as Men in Black (MIB), American Patriots, and Cowboys. This year’s American Ball will have a best costume award, with a fantastic prize for the winner.

If you are fretting about what to wear, AmCham China has put together a list of top ten costume ideas that can be all be easily found on online. Click one of the links below to check it out on Taobao!

Dragon Costume

Blue Queen

Purple Princess

Dark Witch

Blue Mother of Dragons

Rugged Archer

Mysterious Monk

Stoic Northerner

Brave Knight