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On December 4, 2018, several Chinese industry leaders and senior executives from leading multinational companies in China gathered at a CXO Roundtable co-hosted by AmCham China and AmCham China’s Digital Circle partner Microsoft. Focusing on digital transformation strategies for MNCs in China, this small-scale roundtable facilitated intimate discussion for corporate leaders to exchange insights on accelerating innovation in varied sectors, including agriculture, energy, healthcare, food and beverage, ICT, manufacturing, finance, etc.  

AmCham China's Digital Circle Members, including John Deere, BP, Ecolab, Mars Inc., P&G, HP Inc., General Motors, and S&P, Meet for CXO roundtable.

Members from HP Inc., Microsoft, John Deere, Mars, and GM gather before the CXO roundtable on digital transformation powered by AI and cloud technology.

In the opening speech, Microsoft China CEO Alain Crozier discussed Microsoft’s overall operation in China and its transformation into a cloud-based service and solutions provider. “You cannot only focus on one area of the digital transformation because it is like a Rubik’s Cube – you have to work on the six sides of the cubes altogether,” said Alain, “You should have a holistic assessment of all aspects of your business.”

Microsoft CTO Mingqiang Xu further elaborated how cloud solutions based on digital feedback loops can help MNCs to engage customers, optimize operations, empower employees, and transform products. There are four pillars of a digital feedback loop: modern workplace, business applications, apps and infrastructures, data, and AI. A successful business should think beyond a go-to-market strategy and pay more attention to data applications.

AmCham China President Alan Beebe and Microsoft CMO Roan Kang Moderate Executive Discussion on Enterprise and Corporate Digital Transformation.

Alan Beebe (left) and Alain Crozier (right) kick-off a lively roundtable discussion among senior executives from member companies.

In a following discussion moderated by AmCham China President Alan Beebe and Microsoft CMO Roan Kang, executives from John Deere, BP, Ecolab, Mars Inc., P&G, HP Inc., General Motors, and S&P Global also discussed key opportunities and challenges their companies’ face on the path to innovation, including:

  • Managing data privacy, security, agility, and compliance
  • Leveraging local digital ecosystems to accelerate innovation
  • Adopting disruptive technologies in traditional business
  • Applying the Chinese market’s advanced practices at a global level
  • Balancing and prioritizing global strategy and business models with unique Chinese innovation
  • Implementing WeChat into digital solutions


The Digital Circle is a special partnership program under AmCham China Technology and Innovation Initiative, aiming to provide unique value proposition for selected members to showcase their products and services empowered by disruptive technologies like AI, Blockchain, IoT, Cloud Computing, etc. The Digital Circle partners play a leadership role in the AmCham China community to help define activity and policy priorities for the T&I Initiative.

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