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Established in 2014, the AmCham China, Tianjin Environmental & Sustainability Committee was formed to provide a platform for members, companies, and the community to get together and create activities that can have real life results. The Founders of the committee, Daniel D'urso and Alex Scilla, have been involved in the agriculture and recycling industries in Tianjin for many years now. Establishing this committee within the structure of AmCham China has enabled the participating members to create realistic, continuous programs. Only in this way can real and sustainable gains be made.


  • Alex Scilla, NYenvironcom
  • Nathan Dunbar, CAT
  • Marcus Williams, Boeing

Successes in the 3 Pillars of the E&S Committee


The Tianjin Recyling/educational Challenge [TReC]. As of the last edition, over 80% of the major international schools in Tianjin have integrated it into their annual curriculum.


Tianjin Environmental CSR Challenge [TECC] allows both small business and industry to develop and share their experience in lowering their environmental footprints and being responsible corporate citizens. 


Culminating in 2019, resulting from a multi year discussion and effort, we saw the first stand alone environmental chapter to be included in the White Paper.

Left: The 2018 Tianjin Environmental CSR Challenge/Conference (TECC) held at the Yijiapu Intercontinental Hotel and Convention Center. Upper right: the first standalone environmental White Paper Chapter. Bottom right: Alex Scilla awards local students the Most Creative Use of Material (Sculpture) at the TReC 2018 awards ceremony

Key Topics, Initiatives, and Milestones


TReC (Tianjin Recycling/educational Challenge) program,  held annually since 2016. TECC (Tianjin Environmental CSR Challenge) program, held annually since 2017.

White Paper

Addition of Environmental Chapter to White Paper in 2019. Drafting currently under way for 2020 chapter.


The total social benefit of the TReC and TECC programs combined to date 3077 kgs of materials recovered, reduced energy usage of over 30000 kws, reduced water usages of over 200 tons. 

2020 Outlook

  • Increase representation and participation by member companies in a broad range of industries that have environmental policy and practice concerns and challenges.
  • Produce regular policy events and publications that serve as a resource for members regarding the changes to and potential impacts stemming from new laws, regulations, and directives.
  • Leverage experience from existing Tianjin ESC activities to increase positive social impact of environmental advocacy.