Regional Director of Jones Lang LaSalle

Running for: Vice Chair or Governor


Campaign Statement

With the intent of carrying on AmCham China’s mission and the opportunity to continue serving the American business community, I am seeking re-election to the board and the position of Vice Chairman.  If re-elected, I will work towards increasing membership, in order to help strengthen our voice as a community.  In addition, I would also make it my goal to further AmCham China’s visibility by engaging in dialogue with leaders and organizing related programs and events to continue raising awareness as a way of enhancing AmCham China’s platform and effectiveness.

Over the last decade working in Beijing, I have had the opportunity to gain relevant perspectives from a wide range of companies.  I have also developed an understanding of many of the issues and challenges facing U.S. companies operating in China along while helping to provide unique solutions to them.  I will apply these lessons learned to our work at AmCham China, helping American businesses in this ever-changing business environment.

I have also pioneered several initiatives, both of a business and not-for-profit nature, including the founding of AmCham China’s Real Estate Forum.  These valuable experiences will no doubt be useful in the Board’s pursuit of even greater accomplishments in the future.

I’d like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve on the Board this year and appreciate your support for 2018.


Eric Hirsch is a Regional Director for Jones Lang LaSalle, a Fortune 500 professional commercial property services company with more than 14,000 employees in 14 offices across China.  Based in Beijing, Eric leads business strategy and development for the Beijing office market, driving international best practices for the firm which he also serves as a member of the Regional Tenant Representation Board.  After more than a decade in the capital, Eric is widely regarded as a leading expert in the field and is frequently sought by industry leaders and the media to comment on the latest market movements and trends.  As an industry leader, he continues to be instrumental in building up the firm’s growth in Beijing and throughout China.

An advocate of peer-to-peer learning, Eric is a strong believer is giving back to the business community and taking an active role in AmCham China is a key way to achieve this.  His involvement with AmCham China spans his lengthy and distinguished career in Beijing, where he has led several pioneering initiatives such as the founding of the Real Estate Forum, which he continues to chair.  His views have appeared in numerous industry publications, including Business Now, and he is regularly called upon to moderate and speak at various events, including AmCham China functions.  Strongly committed to further AmCham China’s visibility, Eric engages colleagues to be actively involved in forums and committees, such as the Young Professional Committee.  He is also active with a number of non-profit organizations and sits on the board of a Beijing-based charity.

Moving forward, if elected, he will work to continue encouraging more involvement from members in order for AmCham China to continue being the voice of the American business community, especially those from SME’s and our other chapters in China.