Using my 13 years of entrepreneurial and leadership experience in China, I am running for the Board of Governors to help American companies continue to thrive in China and help ensure every member fully benefits from the great work AmCham China delivers.

How will I add value to the AmCham China Board of Governors?

Based on my entrepreneurial experience, I am able to bring new creative ideas and initiatives to the Board that support American companies doing business in China.

Based on my experience building business communities, I can enrich the value of the AmCham membership and help members from both small and large companies maximize their ROI.

Based on my experience as a leader, I am able to work effectively with other Board members to represent AmCham China in the best way possible.

Why do I want to be elected as AmCham Board Member?

I believe that over the last few years the American business community has faced many challenges and obstacles that needed to be overcome as China’s economy and business climate has continued to evolve. There will be more challenges ahead. With my experience as both a business owner and China resident for over 13 years, I have the unique ability to represent and bring my perspective to this amazing group of Governors. We have had many great leaders on the Board and I believe I am now in a position to help American companies in China.

Thank you for your consideration in voting for me to represent you on the AmCham China Board of Governors.