Co-Founder and CEO of EventBank

Running for: Governor


Campaign Statement

Key Propositions

I served on the Board of Governors this past year and seek your vote for re-election.

If elected, I will continue working to ensure members take full advantage of the benefits AmCham China delivers. As a current board member and Beijing-based entrepreneur since 2002, I know the organization can continue improving its engagement with members and the broader business community. This coming year I will focus my efforts toward enhancing organizational growth and increasing member outreach to accelerate the influence of American business interests across China.

Additionally, I will continue as an aggressive advocate for American small and medium enterprises. In partnership with the board, I will expand and implement AmCham China’s comprehensive strategy to help the organization represent all American businesses in China, no matter the size.

Thank you for your support during this past year and would very much appreciate your consideration.

Candidate Profile

Eric is CEO and Co-Founder of EventBank. In less than three years, he developed EventBank from a nascent technology start-up into a leading engagement management software company for associations, chambers, and corporations globally. As a former Co-Chair of AmCham’s Small and Medium Enterprise Committee, he established a CEO roundtable that encourages information sharing among business leaders to improve their respective operations.

A Beijing resident and business owner since 2002, Eric is also Chair and Founder of China Entrepreneurs, a professional organization dedicated to fostering the growth of entrepreneurship in China. Since 2003, the organization has strengthened China’s business community by helping entrepreneurs learn business, marketing, and industry-specific issues, offering valuable networking opportunities for people operating in similar fields.

Eric began his career in China when he founded the country’s first educational travel basketball and tennis camps that combined English training programs. He later honed his business expertise as Co-Founder of 1 Lacrosse LLC, a sports equipment company. Eric has since worked with Chinese venture capital and private equity investments, and has incubated multiple tech start-ups.

Eric has traveled to over 50 countries and in 2004, sponsored by Nike and Phillips, he traced Marco Polo’s route, cycling 100 days from Beijing, China to Venice, Italy. He holds an M.S. and a B.S. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and has been featured in media such as the BBC, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Barron’s, CCTV, China Daily, and numerous other outlets.


  • Co-Founder and CEO of EventBank, a cloud-based engagement management software company. 
  • Founder of China Entrepreneurs, a network of more than 20,000 business professionals. 

As CEO of EventBank, Eric Schmidt is focused on delivering cloud solutions that transform the way professional communities enable and enrich relationships. Over the last 15 years, Eric has founded and incubated several companies from the ground up. He maintains substantial experience with venture capital and private equity investments.

Eric is an elected member of AmCham China's Board of Governors and is recognized as an authority on digital technologies and business in Asia. He has been featured in media such as The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Baron's, BBC, CCTV, China Daily, and numerous other outlets.

Eric once traced Marco Polo's route from Beijing, China to Venice, Italy by bicycle – he was appreciatively sponsored by Nike and Phillips.

Specialties: General Management, Corporate Development, Software and Cloud Technologies, Product Development, Business Operations, Financial Strategy and Consulting, Venture Capital, Private Equity Investments, Technology, China Business, Entrepreneurship, Events, Marketing, Professional Communitie.