The current and former chairpersons of AmCham China gathered at John Watkins’ home (“Ironstone”) at Mutianyu on November 12 to offer their insights and support for incoming and presumptive 2017 chairperson, Bill Zarit.  The chairs discussed the recent US elections and the impact of the new administration’s anticipated policies on China, especially focusing on how AmCham China can best support its members during the transition.


The extensive feedback and insights are expected to help guide Bill in his future role.  “We all told Bill that we are here to help him screw things if he needs our help,” said 1998 chairperson Jim MacGregor.  John Holden, who is believed to be one of the original AmCham members from 1919, explained his confidence in the new chair’s talents: “I think Bill will be fine so long as he gets used to the idea of working 24//7 without compensation.”


As the presumptive incoming chairperson, Zarit characterized the gathering as “liver pickling” but a great opportunity to chat with some old China hands.


The photo on the stairways from top to bottom reads:  Gradoville (2004), Zarit (2017), Stratford (2000, 2001), Holden (1997), Williams (2005, 2006), McGregor (1996), Zimmerman (2007, 2008, 2015, 2016), and Watkins (2009, 2010).