Campaign Statement

Fellow AmCham China Members,

Please vote for me to re-join the 2021 Board of Governors. I currently serve as 2020 AmCham-China Chairman, having served in 2019 as Vice-Chairman. In fact, I’ve served the organization nine times as a volunteer: first as a committee chair, then twice as a Governor, and three times each as Vice-Chair or Chair. I have a deep commitment to what we do and how we do it – helping each other and trying to foster constructive, better commercial relations between the U.S. and China.

These past few years with bilateral trade tensions and the COVID-19 global pandemic have been especially trying. We can however all be proud of how we’ve steered through very difficult situations, and we can take further pride that our organization is even more relevant, influential and necessary than ever before. With your vote and partnership, together we can build further from this very strong position.

I’ve lived in China now 24 years and I’m both a patriotic American and deeply committed to our second home here in China. My career here has been exceptionally diverse and rewarding, working for McDonald’s for nearly fourteen years, then almost four years with APCO Worldwide and seven years for the PGA TOUR. During this time I’ve forged deep professional and personal relationships and intend to continue working hard to insure that the peoples of the US and China have a bright future together.  With your continued support I’d like to carry on the foundation we’ve laid together from the Board of Governors platform.

Thank you for your consideration,

Greg Gilligan


For the past seven years Greg Gilligan led the PGA TOUR as Vice President and lead executive in China serving as PGA TOUR China Managing Director. Currently serving as the 2020 AmCham China Chairman, Mr. Gilligan is once again in an elected capacity in support of a membership of nearly 1000 member companies and many thousands of individuals from those companies, assisting the membership and the U.S. and China governments to drive the commercial relationship between the two countries. This is Mr. Gilligan’s ninth year of service to AmCham, twice as a governor and three times each as chairman or vice-chairman.

Prior to the PGA TOUR Mr. Gilligan was the Managing Director of APCO Worldwide’s Beijing office,leading a large team of consultants in serving dozens of multinational companies doing business in China. He joined APCO after serving as General Manager of Corporate Affairs for McDonald’s (China) Co., Ltd., where he developed and executed strategies to enhance McDonald's brand and corporate image among China’s regulatory bodies, consumers and other key stakeholders. Prior to that role he served as McDonald’s China’s General Manager for Southeast China.

Mr. Gilligan holds a Master of Business Administration from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; a Master of Arts in Asian Studies and Juris Doctor degrees from Washington University in St. Louis; and a Bachelor of Arts in history from Fairleigh Dickinson University. He has been a member of the Missouri Bar Association since 1995.

Now in his twenty-fourth year in China, Mr. Gilligan is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.