Senior Vice President of Dell, and

President of Dell Greater China

Running for: Governor

Campaign Statement

Esteemed AmCham China voting members, as President of Dell Technologies in Greater China, I seek your vote for election as Governor to AmCham China’s 2017 Board of Governors.

Dell Technologies has been actively participating in AmCham China's various activities of policy advocacy and government engagement, many of which I have had the honor to be part of. I greatly appreciate the continuous efforts and growing opportunities for AmCham China to further enhance the strategic relationship and facilitate business development between the two most important economies in the world. My focus and contribution on the board will be in the following three areas:

Generating influence – AmCham China has been the most important platform for American business community in China. The increasing significance of the Chinese market for American businesses and the complicating uncertainty in trade and investment relations between China and the United States present challenges and opportunities for AmCham China. I will support AmCham China to develop and maintain effective and influential relationships with the Chinese policy makers and government officials; meanwhile, I will fully leverage my role as the Vice Chairman of China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (CAEFI) to increase AmCham China’s influence among China government stakeholders.

Supporting business – AmCham China has done a great job in advocating for a better business environment in China. Its voice has been heard by the top leadership from both the U.S. and China. Yet with its rich resources and expertise, we can help our headquarters better understand the changing political, regulatory and economic landscape of China, and offer guidance and needed support for our operations in China. We can also create more opportunities for business growth by boosting exchanges and collaborations among members of AmCham China and with their Chinese counterparts.

Being a trusted counsel – My long-term engagement with AmCham China dates back to time period when I was with Schneider Electric and Tellabs. In my current capacity, I am responsible for Dell Technologies’ overall strategy and business in Greater China. I will leverage my in-depth industry experience from the ICT sector to help AmCham China better position in the Era of Digital Transformation.

I appreciate your vote and will do my best to represent the interest of all U.S. businesses, and work towards my goals by serving AmCham China and our member companies with my passion and professionalism. 


Dr. Chenhong Huang joined Dell in 2014, and serves as the Senior Vice President of Dell and President of Dell Greater China.  As the leader for Greater China, Dell’s second largest market outside of the United States, Dr. Huang is responsible for Dell’s overall strategy and business in the Chinese market.  In light of its strategic market nature and great importance, Dell Greater China will be reporting directly to Dell Technologies headquarter in the new fiscal year commencing February, 2017.  The Dell Greater China team will be in a superb position to navigate the “In China, For China” Dell 4.0 Strategy; as well as being able to better fulfil the needs of local customers and partners in building a Future Ready IT infrastructure and solutions for tomorrow.

Dr. Huang has been the architect and promoter of the “In China, For China” Dell 4.0 Strategy, and its bold, progressive plan to elevate Dell Greater China to new heights yet seen.  Significant progress has been achieved in the following areas: establishment of the One Dell Greater China Strategy; a pledge of continuous investment in Greater China; a commitment to further integration into local ecosystems; product and solution localization; and deployment of a new GTM strategy.

In December, 2016, Dr. Huang was elected as the Vice Chairman of China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment(CAEFI), a MOFCOM affiliated organization.

Prior to joining Dell, Dr. Huang served as the Global Senior Vice President of Schneider Electric and President for Greater China at APC for Schneider Electric.  Dr. Huang was also the Chairman of Uniflair, a subsidiary of APC, and was a member of the Board of Directors atSchneider Great Wall Engineering (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and APC UPS Plant.

Dr. Huang’s leadership experience includes serving as the President and a member of the Board of Directors at Tellabs China.  Prior to that, Dr. Huang worked for Nortel for 17 years, overseeing its business operations in China.  Dr. Huang also held a number of other senior posts throughout his tenure with Nortel, including time served as President of Nortel China, where he was responsible for sales to telecommunication operators.

Dr. Huang earned his Ph.D. Degree in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University in 1992.  Dr. Huang earned his Bachelor's Degree in Science and Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering from Fudan University in 1983 and 1986, respectively.  Dr. Huang has published a number of academic papers and holds the ownership or co-ownership of 13 patents.