Senior Consultant with PRI (Pacific Resources, Inc.)

Running for: Governor

Campaign Statement

I’m running to help represent the 2nd & 3rd-tier cities of Amcham membership interests; my manufacturing experience in China for over 25 years will help me in increasing awareness of issues faced by American companies in 2nd & 3rd tier cities in China especially our Tianjin members! I work with PRI which is 100% USAowned private company that has had over 25 equity investments around China in manufacturing & media/internet.

I’m looking forward to serving you on the AmCham China Board of Governors!


Mr James Cooper is an American citizen aged 62; graduated from the Iowa State University in 1978 with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Mr Cooper started his career with Caterpillar, Inc, in the USA as an undergraduate trainee in 1974, then a graduate engineer. Moving his way through the company hands-on programs in manufacturing, design and research, and then Computing Engineering where he developed software and hardware systems to meet Test and Research needs.

After 14 years with Caterpillar, Mr Cooper made a career transition to China. He worked 6 years with Pacific Resources, Inc and Management Technologies International; USA companies carrying out business in China with trading activities, managing offices, and developing suppliers of manufacturing equipment, and managing projects upgrading plants in China.

Mr Cooper served as the General Manager for Central Plastics Company where they manufacture and market anti-corrosion products for the oil, gas and water industries in China as well as in Asia. He managed the plant setup in China, production, and opened the marketing of these new products. In 2010, he carried out a management buy out of the anti-corrosion unit of Central Plastics Company and renamed it Central Products (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. Today, the company manufactures modified bitumen tapes, petrolatum tapes, and wharf piling protection systems.

Currently, Mr Cooper serves as Chairman of Central Products (Tianjin) Co. Ltd, where they manufacture and market 3 main anti-corrosion protection product lines, namely POLYcoat, STAC, and SPLASHpro systems for the China markets, ASEAN, North America and other countries. Mr Cooper provides technical support to the team to carry out research and development of new products and applications in house and with Cooperative Technical Research Centers in China.

Mr Cooper is experienced in design and manufacturing of corrosion protection products and the installations of the products in many challenging applications both in China and International markets.

Mr Cooper also serves as Senior Consultant with PRI (Pacific Resources, Inc.) to promote business development in 2nd and 3rd tier cities of China. Mr Cooper provides a unique perspective with business experience, qualifications, and long-term presence in several China cities; (4) years in Qingdao, (21) years in Tianjin.