In both a professional capacity and in my work with AmCham, I strive to be a voice for the foreign business community, as well as a driver for positive change to allow American business to capture the commercial opportunities in this country.  As chairman of AmCham in 2007, 2008, and 2015, I am proud to be part of the success of the AmCham team during a unique and challenging time.

Going forward, if elected to serve again as chairman of AmCham in 2016, my objectives are as follows:

  • To continue to engage the Chinese government at multiple levels in order to listen, learn, and support China’s ongoing efforts to develop and maintain a positive environment for foreign investment
  • To continue to be the voice of the American business community in China and to speak out when issues significantly impact the collective interests of our members
  • To continue to provide the services needed for the membership to succeed in China, and with a special emphasis on supporting the unique needs of small to medium size companies
  • To continue to  promote and encourage our member companies to be socially responsible and to give back to communities where they live and work in China

Thank you for your support!